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      Hello everyone… i am 17, pregnant, and will be homeless… i am just wondering what everyone would do in my situation.
      i got pregnant with my boyfriends exfriends baby who is now in jail. i currently live with my bf, but we havent been getting along. he is 2 years older and is wealthy, but he says he loves me but he doesnt kno how long he wants to be with me cause i lie to him. weve been together 2 yeaers. i told my dad
      (my mom died) and he said i have to get an abortion cause he wont let me live with him. The babys father is in jail waiting for sentancing which is in january. he could have the charges dropped or he could be in jail up to 5 years… i dunno what to do… i have no money and no where to stay if i dont live here. i dont want an abortion, but i dont know how i would make this work!!! im looking for group homes or something but i also dont konw if im ready to leave my real bf for good… please help me figure this out!!!


        Huney, don’t have an abortion! Just have faith and pray, there’s not much more you can do. But check into government help for your baby, too. You never know, God could open doors where you’re not expecting it. And have faith. I know cuz that’s all I can do right now too. I found out last month that I’m pregnant. And this month, I found out that I might have HPV, the genital wart causing kind. I haven’t gotten checked yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is and there’s a risk of passing it on to my baby. I think I got it from my ex. I’m lucky though, in that my boyfriend, the baby’s daddy, is very understanding. He’s been my rock.

        Just don’t have an abortion though. You don’t want to be responsible for the death of an innocent child. God provides for the least of the animals – and how much more does he care about you and your helpless baby? Hang in there!


          I’m sorry to hear of your difficult situation. You gotta be naturally scared, confused, overwhelmed…While I don’t know how to even begin to advise you regarding your boyfriend or father issues. I’m glad to hear your hesitant about aborting. What I can share from my personal experience, abortion is not the way to go. I chose abortion about ten years ago and like wise know many other women thru a support group. It effects you deeply. Everyone thinks its a quick fix. However it is not and in fact to this day I regret. The hardest part was forgiving myself despite being forgiven. Even still around the anniversary date of it, I battle the wondering of…what would’ve my baby looked like, been like, would’ve accomplished in life? It makes me sad to think that my choice eliminated any chance at life, what others missed out on and what I missed out on even if it was just the gift of giving birth.

          For what its worth I don’t think anyone is truly prepared for motherhood, everyone is scared. I’m married 33 yr old now and still have my doubts. So, don’t let your feelings fool ya! Trust me, God has a wonderful way of stepping in and helping us when we need it. "How" is just around the bend. If your not ready, or unable for whatever reason to be a mom there is no shame in is. Adoption is a loving choice that I believe God uses to bless the bio parents and another family who would otherwise miss out. I would strongly encourage you to talk with others about this. This will help you not feel alone, which is the worst feeling and sort things out. If you don’t have anyone that you trust and respect, call a Pregnancy resource center. They are loving people there who can help you keep or direct you to adoptive services. This is something you will have to live with whatever you choose, so take your time and really think it thru…you won’t regret it. Anyway God loves and has a wonderful plan for you and your baby. As you are weighing thru this difficult decision, please know your in my thoughts and prayers. God’s speed and resolution to you. Peace out sister!


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