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      when i became pregnant last year
      i have very sore breasts (like you were unable to touch them)
      i was a little crampy
      needed to pee a bit more than usual
      weird cravings

      whats were yours?

      i thought it would be fun to just see what yours were and some funny ones that came along that are different.

      <3 Anna


        Let’s see….

        I felt like my period would come at any time. (PMS stuff: cramps, sore breasts,headaches….)

        Also, a missed period.

        Other than that, nothing else.


          i had a runny nose for no reason at all and killer headaches. then all of a sudden my boobs hurt so bad i couldnt even lay on my side! it was rediculous lol.


            well… i did have to pee alot more, I got very tired during the day… Gained a whole bunch of weight in a short time, never ever got zits again and weird like fuzz on my belly! lol

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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