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      Just curious what everyones first symptom was and how early it started.

      princess Angela

        My frist symptom was really sore nipples and it started about 3-4weeks after i had fallin pregnant… gee its still happenin now so hahaha

        love angela


          My first symptom with my second baby was that I didn’t have an acne breakout just before I was supposed to get my period. Usually I get a lot of pimples a couple days before I start.


            my first simptom was at like 4 weeks and it was sore breast at first i didnt think nothing of it because i thought i was getting my period any time soon


              My first sign that i noticed was ‘tiredness’. I didnt think at that stage but then came the feeling sick/throwing up/ lost my appetite. By that stage i was nearly 12wks.

              My second bub was leaking boobies, after a shower i was squeezing and proding and i thought hmmm the only reason theyd leak was if i was pregnant so brought a test the nxt day and positive. i was 8wk 6 dys.


                sore breasts at 5 wks with my daughter, leaking breasts at 7 wks with this one


                  My first pregnancy symptom every time was VERY sore, swollen breasts. I never have this symptom when I get my period so I always know that it means I ‘m pregnant. Also, I have trouble keeping my balance the first few weeks. This happens because the uterus is expanding. I always get SO tired that I can barely move!


                    i didnt know that i was pregnant at all until i missed my period and then 2 weeks later i got morning sickness and was really tired!


                      hi, mine was fatigue and moodiness. and an aversion to certain foods. I missed out on most of the first tirmester morning sickness, luckily.


                        To be quite honst i have very little symptoms at all… The main one was tiredness…

                        I was so exausted, even before I found out, i wanted to go to bed at 8pm, even though i didnt do much all day :p oh, and sore breasts, but that came later…


                          my first symptom was fatigue at about 4 weeks.


                            I am not quite sure, I was sick at the time. But I think it was sore breasts, or being really tired!!

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