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      :unsure:Im only 18 and will be 19 by the time its here,the dad is 21 and okay with everything and is going to stick around and own up to being a dad if I keep it but Im in college and worried I will never finish if I were to have it. I’m 11weeks almost 12weeks pregnant, and by tomorrow I have to decide whether or not Im keeping it or getting an abortion. I have no clue what Im going to do, and have looked at both sides. Im scared that if I have an Abortion I will hate myself forever but if I keep it I won’t be able to give it the best life, and adoption is not an option .
      Any advice?


        Your situation sounds really tough. I don’t think I would get an abortion because it sounds like you are undecided. Abortion is permanent. I have never heard anyone say that they regretted having their child, but I have heard thousands say they regretted their abortion.

        Having a baby does not mean that your life is over. Your life will be different, but different is not bad. In fact, many women go to college and raise a child. It is absolutely not out of the question. You can do it.

        It is not easy, but the most rewarding work never is. I think you can be a great mother. You have what it takes.


          What did you decide? I really hope that you did not decide to have an abortion!
          You might not be able to give your baby your definition of “the best life”, but is it really worth killing your baby over not being able to give it the best?
          My dad makes three times less than the minimum earning per year for a family our size where we live. I have three siblings, and we were never able to afford to dress fashionably or anything. But you know what? I love life! Our family has fun no matter what. We’ve never gone hungry, God has always provided for us. LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!!! Please give your baby a chance to enjoy life too!


            :unsure: 🙁

            I wish I would have listened. Its done. No more baby. I feel horible, Ive cried everynight since.Dec19th will be burned in my mind forever.
            Will I ever feel normal again? Im getting a tattoo for it, I want to remember what little time I had with it. And the only thing worse I went to the Ob/Gyn a couple weeks before, I have its picture I look at it all the time. I want to be okay agin, to move on. Abortion is never the answer and I know it now. You will forever hate what you did, and I doo. Seven more weeks and I would have known what I was having. I miss my baby! And will always. I hope it knows Im sorry!


              >big hugs< I know how yr feeling, it's not an easy decision to make but you did what you thought was best for you at that time. I think you'lll benifit from speaking to someone, maybe a close relative or a therapist who's familair with P.A.S.S and can help you with yr healing process. I've also just gone back to therapy and hopefully it'll work this time. Don't give up, sometimes you need to "shop around" for a therapist who is a good match for you and your needs. I hope you'll keep us updated on how yr doing. Peace and light, Evangeline


                Aw, hun! I am so sorry for your pain! I am praying for you!
                You will always feel your loss, but you don’t have to be a slave to your guilt and regrets. Jesus can set you free if you will let Him.


                  I’m so sorry you made that choice. I am sure you will feel better about it in time however, I don’t think you will ever be the same.

                  Every choice we make has an effect on our lives.

                  You can choose to turn this into a positive experience by being there for others in their time of need.

                  I wish you the best.

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