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      Hey guys

      Well my periods are sometimes irregular but this time its different cause i dont feel like my period is coming anytime soon and then me and my boyfriend had sex the 14,24, and the 1 of this month and i been feeling all the systoms but then i been wanting to get pregnant like nausea,bloating,tenderness and my stomach is hard sometimes i barely feel like getting out of bed or just doing the things i do like i could but its takes more for me to do.. and then my bf doesnt know i could b a month prego and im afraid to tell him cause im afraid he will just leave me.. oh but i also took a blood test two weeks ago but i havent been able to find out anything cause the only way i could is if i go with my dad and im afraid he will be disappointed in me since theres been alot that has happened in our family already soo do you guys think im prego and if you have any advice on how to tell a dad or bf about this???
      thanks so much


        Well hun first off call the place you had the blood test. you can get the results over the phone. Secondly just sit down and tell them. if you are they need to know. That way you can get teh prenatal care you will need.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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