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      Well, Here’s the story in short…

      Last August at the beginning of my Junior year, I started dating a great guy who I’ve known all my life (my best friend’s big brother lol). Things were going along great until my mom found out what was going on. She doesn’t approve because he is so much older (he is 21 and I’ll be 18 in September). Also, he has two children from a past relationship. But, he’s a great dad and does an amazing job of keeping them taken care of ( they are wonderful, one is 3 and one is 2, both boys). Anyways, I told my mom I broke it off with him, but didnt really. I love him very much. Then, in November, we found out we were pregnant. I have kept it a secret from my family and still managed to take care of myself. My boyfriend takes me to the doctor and gets me vitamins. We are planning on getting married and moving in together soon.

      Well heres the problem: I don’t know how to tell my parents! I could just up and leave, but I don’t know if I want to do that.

      Anybody have any helpful input?


        hi just to let you know i went through the same thing my partner had a child i was 15 he was 19 and when i was 16 i got pregnant i kept it a secret till i was 6 months then 1 day i just thought to my self you have to tell them so i just phoned my mum and said guess what and she said what i said im pregnant and she said you are fu….g joking i said no she said you silly little b…. then i said it is ok i will manage but the worst thing was i was with a pakistani so she was saying he is not going to stick by you your to young to have a baby and i just said well i am pregnany and i am going to keep it and believe it or not 11 years later we are still together and are expecting our 3rd child so do not be scared they will shout for a while but will back you up 100% just there way of showing you that they care remember you are there daughter hope everything goes well for you good luck for your new arrival and good luck in your relationship eveything will be ok take care fromm emmaj:)


          awww poor you sounds like your stuck in the middle of things – congratulations for the baby though. i know it sounds the worse possible thing to do, but you need to sit down and tell your mum. she may take it better than expected you never know. it doesnt sound like your having it easy atm, but it will get better eventually. explain to your mum that you tried being apart but you both loved each other too much and apologise for going behind her back but that you didnt want to hurt her. as for everything else, it sounds like the guy your with is being great so good luck , xxxxx


            I think that u should sit down (the both of you) an tell ur parents the truth. . . .Before that get everythink ready just incase u do get chucked out because of the lies you have told, by no means expect an easy ride if you have been lying.

            But your parents deserve the truth before you leave an to know that your are making them grandparents!!!

            You dont need the stress of pretending an slinking around, you need ot come round an tell them the truth, u never know they might be angry bu still help an be there for you. . . But you will never know unless you come clean sweetie.

            I was gonna run bu u cant run away from ur problems cuz they eventually come round an bite u in the bottom lol.

            If u need any help or wanna chat email me xxxxx:)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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