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      My 16 year old sister is 5 months pregnant for her boyfriend who is 15. She just told us 2 weeks ago that she is pregnant. My parents and his parents want them to give the baby up for adoption. My sister wants to keep the baby. I know that my parents will help her, but the problem is my sister is still more concerned about herself than her baby. She asked my mother for money to go buy new shoes, and had a fit about the skirts my mom bought her to wear to school. They were pleated not A-lined. My parents are building a house and yesterday she asked them to make sure they make her closet a walk-in. To my problem, I want to support my sister in whatever she chooses, BUT I really don’t think she is mature enough to raise a child. What can I do to help her and my parents deal with this?


        Is this am older sister or younger sister? Either way your sister is probably going through a lot of stress and a rollercoaster of emotions. I would let your sister know that you love her and be there to listen to her if she needs someone she can trust to talk to. If she asks your advice on whether to raise the baby herself or to give it up for adoption – be honest about your opinion. However I would NOT be judgemental of your sister. She is probably getting enough of a judgemental attitude at this time. Also I would try not to interfere in conflicts between your sister and your parents. Whether your sister decides to choose parenting or adoption (she could also choose open adoption in which she chould still have some contact with the child) it won’t be easy for her. Just talk to your sister – try to understand her perspective and where she is coming from.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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