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      [color=#008000]I am 14 years old and my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex. I have been having the feeling that I am pregnant and I have also missed my period.I am not for sure when my period was due, but I do know that it should have come by now!I feel like I am getting ready to start, but yet it never comes.I have been moody, REALLY tired, my breasts are becoming very sore,I am craving odd foods, etc…I have taken a pregnancy test but it showed negative and positive!What am I to do?Do I sound pregnant to any of you?I just don’t know!
      Please Help Me.-Brittany[/color]


        What do you mean by it showed negative and positive? I’ve never heared that one before! I wouldn’t stress too much, maybe in a couple of days take another test. If your period hasn’t come by then. Good lick and keep me posted.



          negative and postive? did you take two tests? because it’s immposible for one test to say both. which did you take first? if the positive one was second then i say you are.
          Some women feels as though they have major pms and then they miss their period and find out they are pregnant. defintly take another test!! let me know how everything turns out!!


            it said negative and positive?? well then u must have had a defected test or something b/c i have had that happen b4. well if u dont have ur period in a few days get another test and see what it says and then please keep us all posted on what happens…. if u ever need to talk im here… do u kno what u will do if u r?? will u kee the child or what choice???


              I took only one test.It showed mostly negative but somewhat positive.It’s confusing.I think it might have been too early to tell when I took it.I took it about a week ago.My boyfriend is the one who got me the test.There was also another with it but it is at his house and he is being sent away so I can’t get to it.If I am pregnant though then I will keep the baby.We both want it.My period came yesterday though.But it’s nothing much.So I’m still confused about it all.Thank you very much for your replys.If anyone has any help for me then please tell me.I will need as much as I can get.I will tell you if i found out anything else.Thank you once again.

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