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    Mommys Angel

      I am 20yrs old. Me and my boyfriend had sex on November 2nd. He wore a condom but said it slipped. Ok so my period was due on the 22nd but never came although I did notice 3 spots of blood on my undies on the 15th(a week before my period TMI I know :blink: ) Anyways I have taken 3 pregnancy tests 1 being at the doctor’s office and they are all negative. I am having some pregnancy symptoms but the test are negstive. IF I am pregnant I would be 8 weeks because my last period was October 22nd. What should I do? Thank you and God Bless! :cheer: :cheer:


        If you had a blood test and it was negative than it is NOT likely that you are pregnant. If you have not had a blood test than go get one and let us know what the result is.
        Keep us updated!


          Get a blood test girlie. GoodLuck


            Blood tests are rarely wrong. They have just about a 100 percent accuracy. The delay may be because you’re stressing yourself out about the pregnancy.

            If you were to be pregnant, then the spotting could be implantation bleeding… but it’s unlikely that you are pregnant.

            Good luck! 🙂


              You’re right Bloods are rarely wrong. My friend just found out she is pregnant and it didnt even show up on bloods the previous week before taking a pregnancy test so if the symptoms keep up then get another test OR bloods.


                Hey hun I hope things work out for you.

                I doubt that you’re pregnant, so try to relax and if you are still worried, take a blood test. best of luck!

                Mommys Angel

                  Hi! 🙂 Update I missed my period for Dec. also and NO I have not had a blood test becasue the clinic I go to does not offer them so that’s not an option. I have now missed 2 periods and am still experiencing pregnancy symptoms! I don’t know what else to do!:unsure:


                    In that case, I’d say you may be pregnant. Your best bet is to get a blood test done, that’s the only thing I can suggest in your situation. You need to see a doctor and make sure that everything is healthy, though!


                      well, if a blood test is not an option, go ahead and take another home pregnancy test. 🙂

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