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      I just recently got off the depo shot after 3 years, and about 4 months ago I switched to birth control so I can lose wieght…etc etc…
      Well, this month is month 5 and I have been on the pill, every month my period has came and gone every 28 days lasting for 5 days….except this month….On the day I was supposed to get my period, I bled for about a couple of hours, (not even half the day)….My lower abdomin has been cramping bad, and not to mention I have been realllllly moody, so moody that I tend to take things out on my 4 year old. Sometimes I can’t even look at him cause he reminds me of his father….I feel really bad about that and I have noticed I have been really emotional with my husband. We have been arguing over the smallest things like chicken or the toilet paper, we even go to bed mad, which I know, is really unhealthy! I don’t remember being like this when I was pregnant with my first child…What should I think and do you think I need a test?

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