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      My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 5th of august and the fist day of my last period was about 2 weeks before that. According to information i have read that was around the time i was supposedly ovulating. my boyfriend did not pull out at all and now i think i am pregnant. my period is due in about 3 days and i have been getting symptoms of pregnancy but they are also the same symptoms of pms. But there are a few things that are different. lately i have been feeling very exhausted and tired. ive also been having head aches and a wierd sensation in my abdominal area. i wouldnt really describe it as cramps its more like a tugging feeling. i also have been urinating alot and when i urinate its like my something is tugging on me its a really wierd feeling that i have never had before. i’d like to know if it is too early to take a pregnancy test? and if not what brand would you suggest i use to get a more accurate result? :huh:


        Some tests can be taken a few days before your period is expected to start. Be sure to read the instructions for the test. The results may be more accurate if taken after you miss your period.

        As far as brand I would NOT reccommend the EPT test (the one that shows a + or -) I bought a kit with two tests. The first time I took it, it showed a line – I thought it was negative. I took the second test a week later because I still had not started and I was having a lot of pregnancy symptoms. The result was the same, but this time I noticed that the line was vertical and the examples on the box were either a plus + or a – (horizontal line). I asked my husband wht that meant and he siad he thought it meant that we needed to buy a different brand of test! The next test we bought showed one line for negative and two for positive (I think it was First Response?). There were definitely two pink lines!


          Meanwhile, dear, after taking a second preg test, I’d really suggest making an appt to check for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). UTI’s can cause weird sensations when peeing, and make you pee more frequently. That is, if you’re still having weird sensations and if you’re not prego. If left untreated, UTI’s can grow worse and get into your kidneys, and that is truly painful and truly dangerous to your health. Best of luck!


            take a test… i used EPT Certinty if you are going to use EPT make sure you gt the one with the digital read out bc it will say preg or not preg…. good luck… B)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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