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      you know your body, right? well i know my body and i feel that something is different, but i cant be sure because ive never felt it before. i dont use the best method of birth control,either- withdrawal.my boyfriend and i are comitted though and hes my best friend in the whole entire world. but, lately ive been feeling funny. ive had some symptoms and i wonder if im just imagining things. my period isnt due for another week or so. its too early to have symptoms, right? my period started on the 17th last month, but it was longer between cycles. 35 days! does this have anything to do with anything? i cant wait two weeks for a test, its killing me. i mean i know i can and i will have to but its not fair to anyone in my family. it was my mistake but i cant bring myself to say that bad things will come out of this if i am pregnant. i used to want to get pregnant but wanted the best for my children and i know all the risks and problems that can occur. omg i dont know what to do. im so young and i dont want my mom to have to deal with this, its not her problem and its not fair to her. she doesnt deserve it either. sorry if this is confusing. i guess my questions are when do you start feeling symptoms? and the other one… when you have sex, how long does it take before you are considered "pregnant"


        when had sex and if you’re bf sprouted his seeds into you, the sperm can only last for 3 days within you. i bet you’ve heard of ovulation, the release of the egg into the fallopian tube. well that egg will only last 24 hours and the sperm MUST reach the egg while it is in the fallopian tube in order to be fertalized. by how i am explaining its sounds easy to get pregnant and hard since timing is everything. you can start feeling symptoms as early as the fertalized egg has buried itself within your uterus. in other words about probably two days after you have released your egg. since we never know when we release our eggs its practically impossible to tell. but from what i’ve heard and learned but not always the same with all women, you ovulate 2 weeks before your menstration starts. so if you really do have your menstration 35 days in between, you would’ve had sex around mar. 10 when your ovulation occured. i kno this doesn’t answer your question much on how early you feel symptoms but just wanted to give you info on whether or not you’re pregnant. if did have sex around mar. 10, consider the possiblity of bring pregnant if thats how you’re body works how i described. i’ve learned this in sex ed. when i was schooling. yet i don’t kno if i have all the info correct. i’m sorry i’m going on and on about this. i hoped i helped you any way possible. for the mean time until you really know, if you haven’t already talk to your bf. and if you’re really close to your mother, find the courage to let her know that you might be pregnant.


          My name is Elena, and I have no kids. But I am writing to you because I have always wanted to get pregnant, so everytime my period doesn’t come I think I am. Now I stopped checking because the test are always negative. Your mind tends to play tricks on you and you start to think you are when in some cases you aren’t. I know it is hard to wait, but try not to think about so much. There is the First Response pregnancy test that detects if you are pregnant before expected periods and after, maybe you should try it. I wish you the best, but I do want you to consider that if you are pregnant its one of the consequences that you choose to take by having sex.

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            I started feeling pregnancy symptoms two or three weeks before my missed period. My breasts were super tender, my back hurt, I had cramps and light spotting, and my appetite was acting up. If you are pregnant, it’s not anyones mistake. Bringing a child into the world is the most beautiful thing anyone can ever recieve. Some people can’t even have children. I was an unplanned baby and I thought my mom would be the hardest on me in my pregnancy. She turned out to be my best friend and even stood by my side in the labor room. My mothering instincts kicked in the day I brought my son into the world. I didn’t want any help from others, I changed diapers, I woke up at night for feedings, I held my baby close to my heart when he was unhappy. You may surprise yourself and not need/want help from others. A mother has a special bond with her child, it’s different from a fatherly bond. Your mom may be unhappy but this is her grandchild…her blood. Also your body releases the egg and there are only two-three days you can concieve. You had to have sex on one of those days. In my situation, my period ended on January 23rd, I concieved on February 6th. I looked up all this information online, you may find help online as well. Look up "pregnancy calendar" and you can type in your information. Good luck and don’t worry.

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