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      i think i’m pregnant! i have only been with my bf for about 8 months, i already have another child from a previous relationship i didnt find out i was pregnant last time until i was 16wks and i still had my period the whole way through my pregnancy, and im now showing all the signs, feeling tired- run down, frequent need to use the loo achy boobs and i have put on so much weight on my stomach feels really swollen i haven’t missed a period but they have been very light. im quite scaired 2 do a test incase it comes bak pos coz i know i wont be able 2 have a termination but i became very ill during my last pregnancy and almost lost my unborn baby i was told if i have another the same thing could happen, i dont know what to do my boyf seems ok with whatever the outcome bt he already has 2 children from dif women and is alot older than me im not sure he would stick around :unsure:


        Hmm well the only advice i have and i don’t mean to sound heartless but if he doesn’t stick around then he’s not a real man ….. how old are you and how old is your guy ?


          remember that everything happens for a reason


            you should probably go ahead and test. let me know how it goes!!


              I agree with the user saying if he doesn’t stick around then he isnt real. Take a test and go from there. I hope all goes well for you.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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