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      I have this guy im dating for a month and we had unprotected sex last month 10/25 and he release his stuff inside me.. until now..we doing it.. and my period is gonna come by 11/12 to 11/15 but now i feel sick like…
      …im going to vomit
      …dizzy and headache
      …lower back pain
      …breast sore and nipples darkening
      …staying late
      …feeling sick around 3am to 5am
      …my stomachache but im not sure where is the pain come from
      but i brought HPT yesterday and it came out Negative.. but before doing that i drink lot of water just to pee..
      And the guy im dating is like to abort the baby.. and he wants a drifting car and all i want is his happiness but i want to keep the baby too.. and if i get pregnant i dont know what im gonna do.. i feel more and more sick because of those things..
      i dont want my child to grow up like what my life used to be.. i dont want my child to grow without a father.. and its killing me to know that the guy im with is dont care about me and wants to abort the baby:(


        I feel for you I really do, you have a hard decision to make. But if he is not ready for a baby and you have only been together for a month why are you and he not using protection. Not using protection is how you get pregnant. What did he think was going to happen? Honestly you need to do what you feel is best for both you and your baby. This is a guy you have not been with for very long so he may or may not be around and you are going to have to live with this decision. But the way he has reacted, not taking responsibility for his actions speaks for itself. I wish you the best of luck in making this decision. Just keep in mind if you are pregnant the baby did not ask to be here and your the only one that can protect it. Jessica


          It’s too early to tell with an HPT. Wait until your period is a week late.

          I know that you don’t want your baby to grow up without a father… but imagine not having your child grow up at all.

          Not using protection is an obvious way to get pregnant. LEARN from this… treat yourself better. Treat yourself with a guy who loves you and finds you beautiful in every way, who’ll commit to you.


            My advice, for what it is worth, is to take your time making this decision, Do Not Rush! Get as much education about abortion as possible so that you are fully aware of what happens to the life inside of you before you decide to go through with it. It is not a pretty procedure, and your baby will feel the pain of being torn from your body. And you will feel the pain of memory for the rest of your life. If you feel that you cannot keep this baby you can adopt it out. There are open adoptions as well, where you can be involved in the babies life, even though you are not raising the child. Please consider the truth of abortion before you go through with it. I have been there, I made the WRONG decision and now I live with it daily. Please if you need to talk, contact me. I will be happy to speak with you anytime. This is one of the biggest life changing decisions you will make, take the time to really consider what you are doing and do the right thing.

            I will be praying for you,
            Until we speak again…

            ~Bobbie Jo


              i think you should do another pregnancy test and don’t drink lots of water before you’ll do the preggy test…!!!or just buy a preggy test and use it tomorrow your first first first urine in the morning…!!!i think that one will work a satisfying result..and before you do something you have to think it many times because abort is not that so answer to your problem.!!!girl…!!!hmmmm just don’t be stressed so much…what you felt is really a symptoms of a pregnant..:lol: about your story you’re more above me because…

              I’m 15 yrs old. i think i’m 4weeks pregnant because of the symptoms of being pregnant i felt it this fast few weeks and i’m 4weeks delay on my period, but not so sure of it because until now i didn’t take a pregnancy test because of some reasons i’m scared of.first i’m scared to see the result i think i’m not ready yet, too early for me.second is what if my parents know about this surely they would kill me!!!

              a big problem for me this situation because actually i had a sex with the boy i love i don’t even know if he loves me and he has a girl friend,although i know he have but i had a sex with him. well i know that’s my mistake and i regret it now.he’s with his girl now happy. and one time he called me and ask if i did an pregnancy exam all i do is mag him at the phone i don’t know why but i’m angry with him!!!because the first word came out in his month 3weeks ago when i opened this what if i’m pregnant topic..all he said is “THEN ABORT IT”…he has no responsibility!!!!i don’t know what to say to him at that time so i just smiled him and stay quiet until i said i wanna go home…!!!my emotions is mixed anger,irritate sad and happy because at least he is frank and he did not pretend.oh my GOD i really do love this boy.

              until now i have no communication of this boy.

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