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      i just found out i am pregnant. thing is i don’t know how to tell my parents. I’m scared of them kicking me out of the house. I truly think they will. What could be the easiest way to tell them? or is there a way?


        heyy girl. so, how old are you? im 16 & i have a possibility right now im goin to be pregnant..i have to wait till next saterday to find out. =x
        its going to seem like forever. & the biggest thing im scared of is what my whole familys going to do.


          i need advice on that also..
          how old are you girl?


            hey girl, how old are you? the truth is, there’s no easy way to tell your parents about an unexpected pregnancy. even if you think they are going to kick you out of the house, you still have to tell them. they’re going to find out eventually! a lot of girls i’ve talked to have told me that their parents ended up being way more supportive than they expected, so try not to expect the worst. how far along are you? when you do tell your parents, try to talk to them at a time when they aren’t stressing out about other things that are going on in their lives. make sure that you explain to them how much their support means to you. make sure they know that you are willing to step up and take the lead in raising your child, but that you really want them to be a part of your child’s life. God willing, once they will get over the initial shock, they will end up supporting you in your courageous decision to have your baby and accept the amazing gift of life that God has given you. is your baby’s daddy still in the picture? do you have any relatives or friends that you think would be willing to take you in if your parents did kick you out? if "no" on both accounts, still dont’ worry–there are so many organizations you can turn to for help. i feel like there is so much more to talk about that i could never say in this message and without knowing your situation better! write me back, ok?? my email is emcenroe@gmail.com. hang in there! i will be praying for you.


              I got pregnant when I was 17 and had the same problem. It has been a long time since then, but it did all work out fine. I come from a strick mormon family and telling my parents was the hardest thing I have ever done. My dad was the bishop at the time and I was terified. I wrote my mom a letter and put it in her purse before she went to work. I was a chicken and that was the easiest way for me to do it, but It was very mean of me I think now. Then I made her tell my dad. Its such a hard situation and I dont think there is a easy way to tell you parents. I was fortunate to have great parents and I didnt worry about them kicking me out. i dont know what to tell you about that situation. But you need to tell them and hope they can be understanding and suportive. If they are not and you truely are worried about them kicking you out then you need to see if you have a friend or family members house you can go to. But I was so scared and my family ended up being the best suport of all. Good Luck


                A friend of mine was in a very similar situation. What she did was write a long letter to her parents explaining she was pregnant and that she made a mistake. She also explained that abortion was NOT an option. She clearly stated that she had a plan of what she was going to do, showing her parents that she was mature enough to handle the situation. She put the letter in an envelope along with a pregnancy test to show the parents she really was, and asked to stay the night at a friends house and left the letter on their bed so they could read it and talk without her there. It turned out okay after they had a talk and such. Maybe you could consider this? If you need anything else, feel free to email me, okay? I’ll try to help out as much as I can. Hope everything goes well, good luck!



                  The easiest way would probably be writing it in a letter and giving it to them. When you write something that’s bothering you down, it’s like physically letting go of that problem. I know that you can’t let go of a baby, but telling your parents would be over with.
                  Or you could just bring it up in conversation, "the movies on saturday? oh yeah, i’m pregnant." Good luck, girl.


                    the best thing to do is to be honest & up front & tell them. dont try to hide it. i had to tell my parents today & i feel ALOT better knowing tht they know = ]


                      heya, i dont really think that there is an easy way to tell your parents. how old are you? when i was pregnant i was really scared to tell my mum, i was only 14 but i just said to her, mum im pregnant. she was mad at me but after a couple of days she was ok with it but then i had a miscarrage on my 15th bdy. i was 6 weeks pregnant. write back please. luv beth


                        the easiest way is to just sit them down and tell them…..


                          oh and ps….if u r under 18 ur parents can’t kick u out because that’s illegal to kick out a pregnant child…it’s called child endangerment…..also if they want to force u into an abortion that is also illegal……just though i’s let u know…..


                            my advice to you is just tell them. I know its not easy but for the health of your baby and yourself they need to know so you can get medical care. Most likely they will be mad,upset,or dissapointed for a little bit but then, after they realize it cant be changed, they will accept it and try to support you in any way that they can. If they dont and they want to kick you out, think about your baby, dont make the choice to abort just because you THINK you don’t have anywhere to go. I am 7 months (29 weeks) pregnant and am living in a foster home because my family disowned me. I am very happy and i get to keep and raise my baby. As i write she is kicking my belly…lol. Trust me on this please, a baby’s life and love of his/her mother is the most precious, most important thing in the world. If you ever think about abortion think first about how youd feel if you killed your own child. Would you kill anyone? A baby is alive from the time of conception. If your parents make you feel like you have no other choice than to abort, go to Children Services, they WILL find you a home where you can keep and love you little one.


                              i would talk to whoever is easiest to talk to your mom or dad….and let them tell the other…but i would definitly tell…im 16 and had my first baby at 14 and i didnt tell my parents untill i had my daughter and they were even more mad then they said they would have been if i had told them sooner…so from experience even though it is hard to tell your parents it is better to tell them asap


                                i went to my school guidence counselers, they were really helpful with telling my parents and helping me find the care i needed while i was pregnant


                                  im 15 well i’ll be 6 in about a week so,,,,, good luck when you find out!


                                    i meant 16 not 6


                                      i am in the same possition as icandyem . what should i do? i dont know how to tell my parents.

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