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      Okay, Ive been thinking I’m pregnant for a few months now, but Im not really sure beacuse alot of the reasons I thought pointed to it could be caused by other things as well. First I stopped having a normal period, but thats happened to me before, so it didnt bother me too much.Also, Ive been gaining weight, but most of it is in my arms and legs..a little on my back (eww..) but, I also stopped eercizing right before then and I have been eating alot of junk food. My brests havent been swolen or hard. And, my nipples have been hurting, but they have always hurt in the winter since I’ve moved to georgia (I moved from cali, so Im ot really used to the 14degree wether that we can get here, and my body aches all over from it.)

      Now, I know that what I really need to do is get a pregnancy test, as Im sure that by now if I am pregnant it will show up. But, I also know that all these things can be caused by diffrent stuff. And, because I have been eating alot less than I used to rather than more, I dont see see how, if I am pregnant, it could work.

      Anywho, what Im getting at is: There is only one thing I cant really seem to find another ecuse for, and that is: Last night I noticed that I had clear stuff coming out of my nipples. What conuses me tho is, that normaly starts happening at 6-7 monthes, and I’d be maybe 4..Is it possible that it could start early, or is there something else that could cause it?

      Yup..thats about it…sorry that was so long…
      thanks! ^-^


        I would suggest getting a checkup rather than just a HPT in case you aren’t pregnant. Something else might be going on that you should take care of, especially the nipple discharge. I’m in Georgia too. I actually thought we had mild winters. 🙂


          Well, I took a test today, and it came out posative. So, thats that. I really should go to a doctor tho..And, tell my relatives I suppose.

          Lol, winters in ga are horrible! It feels as if I will freeze to death. What part do you live in?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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