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      Hi there,

      It has been over 5 weeks since my last period, I havent had unprotected sex and I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative. I also have no other symptoms such as morning sickness or any kind of cramps or tenderness. Just a mysteriously absent period.

      I am of average weight and have not lost or gained any weight since my last period, or in the last year. I have exams, but for me they are a pretty common thing and I am no more stressed than I was a few months ago when I had my last exams and there was no change to my cycle then.

      I am on a migraine medicine, but as far as google can tell its not likely to cause something like this, and the doctor didnt warn of any side effects when he prescribed them.

      Im really confused and worried. Has anyone experienced something similar? What was the outcome? Any suggestions as to what might be wrong with me??


        Actually a lot of things can cause missed period. One time I missed mine for unknown reasons. I missed it for 4 months, one of my friends missed hers for 6 months. Its possible, and not uncommon. Stress can also be a cause of it, good luck!!!!


          Sometimes, even if you don’t feel particularly stressed, your body can be stressed. I miss a period every September… don’t ask me why because I don’t feel stressed, but it does happen. If you miss another period, take another pregnancy test or get a blood test done. 🙂


            i missed my period for five months, till now… i don’t know why… i’m sure i’m not pregnant ’cause i don’t even have boyfriend,,, i consulted a doctor last week, they suspected me pregnant but it don’t bother me because i know i’m not, i just laugh at the idea that they wanted me to undergo pregnacy test. the result of the test was negative, the doctor said that its just a hormonal problem… still i’m bothered with my health…


              It happened to me before when I was stil in high school and early years in college..I think it’s just normal.However, You still need to watch your health so I suggest try to see a doctor. Go girl!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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