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      question: Iknow it’s hard to put into words but what dose it feel like when the baby moves I am three months so I know It’s rare to feel it right now but how do you know that it’s the baby moving or just gas or something. I thought I felt something like bubbles once or twice or little internal taps but I don’t know what to exspect. Somebody please try to put it into words for me so I know when it happens.


        well people told me it could be felt like gas bubbles but truthfully when do you recall ever feeling gas bubbles before?? i havent so then i knew it was my baby. I also felt it around the end of the third month or beginning of fourth believe me you will know it, Whatever you are feeling could be your baby kicking. Once they get bigger and kick you WAY harder then you wish it just felt like gas bubbles again! : ) but wait till you can see your baby kick, now that is something worth catching on tape!!


          I felt my baby move before i was 15 weeks. To me it didnt really feel like bubbles…the best way i can describe it is a wet fish. Its like she was swimming in there and every so often would slither against the side of the uterus hard enough for me to feel it. I agree with momma_of_isa…enjoy it while its not hard..not fun when they know how to get to your ribs!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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