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      OKay the saturday after thanksgiving i was having sex with my boyfriend when the condom broke and we didnt realize it had happened until after he had finished its now december 17th and still no period and i tracked my period to that week that i had sex and it says that its my most fertile time of the month and that my period should start in the next few days but ive been SUPER tired in the past week and a half and for some reason like my uterus has been cramping and sore and that isnt normal for my periods… My boyfriend has had unprotected sex with a girl before numerous times for about 2 months straight and nothing ever happened from it so he doesnt think he can get a girl pregnant and ive had unprotected sex like maybe 3 times with my last boyfriend and I also have endometriosis so im just wondering if im freaking out over nothing or what can someone help me figure this out



        Just because your boyfriend has had unprotected sex in the past that has not led to pregnancy and you have had unprotected sex in the past that has not led to pregnancy does not mean that it is not possible for you to get pregnant.

        If the condom broke, then there is a chance that you could be pregnant (but anytime you have sex, even if the condom hadn’t broken, there would still be a chance (granted much lower) that you could become pregnant.)

        I don’t know much about endometriosis. I know that it can make conception more difficult, but it is possible to conceive even with endometriosis. Have you missed your period? If your period isn’t late yet I would try not too panic too much and wait to see if it comes as expected. If your period is late I would take a home pregnancy test to find out for sure whether you are pregnant or not. Best Wishes.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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