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      Ok, I need some opinions and some answers. I just started dating this guy and we’ve been sleeping together since the beginning. There have been more than a few times where we were drunk and didn’t use a condom. (Trust me, I know how stupid this is). We’ve recently made a conscious effort to stop doing this and have been using condoms. BUT!!!
      My last period was strange – light bleeding, followed by heavy, followed by spotting. I’m a very regular girl – it has NEVER been like that before. I got scared, but let it go… Now, two weeks later, I’m nauseaus every day, all day. My boobs are very sore. I’m tired (and when I say tired, I mean exhausted) every day when usually I’m ready to go party. Acid reflux is my middle name. And I’m hungry. ALL THE TIME. At times during the day when I never eat. And it’s not just a little hungry – it’s like I feel like I might collapse or throw up if I don’t eat right away. I’ve never had this before.
      So, I took a test the other day – an ept. I got it from a friend and just took the stick home – not the box out of embarassment in front of her husband. I took it when I got home and there were 2 lines – one in the circle, one in the square box. I freaked out and called my friend, who said if there were two PARALLEL lines, it means I’m pregnant. Well, (and hopefully you can follow me here) in the circle, the line was like this: —- and in the square box it was like: l So, it looked like this altogether:
      —- l
      If anyone can tell me what that means, I’d love to hear it ASAP. My friend said that means I’m not, but isn’t it if NOTHING shows up, you’re not? Why did I get a side to side line? I took another test yesterday, and nothing showed up at all, not even the test line, so whatever. Can someone help me? I’m freaking out!!! Thanks for your time!!


        If there were two lines on the pregnancy test, it meant positive. If there was only one, it was negative. If nothing came up, you did it wrong.Take another pregnancy test of a different brand, or go to the doctor. They can give you a blood test with virtually 100% accuracy that can not only tell if you’re pregnant or not, but about how far along you are, and if the pregnancy is progressing normally.


          I know what you mean about the sideways line. I’ve had many pg tests come back like that. It means that your not pregnant. But you should see a doctor just to make sure because home pg tests can be misleading. Hope this helps.

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