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      So I got my last period March 1st.

      I had unprotected sex late the 14th/early morning the 15th.
      no condom, birth control, or anything.

      I was worried about that so I looked up my ovulation date for this month on some website, it said that with the date of my last period & normal 28 day cycle that i ovulated on the 15th.

      it’s been about 15 days since then, i was suppoused to start my period yesterday but it never came…

      as far as symptoms
      I’ve been really tired, like to the point were i just lay down all day, even when i am awake my body is like physically exhausted, I’ve been taking alot of naps during the day.

      & headaches, the first week after the 15th and a few days after i was having horrible headaches which is really weird for me because i never get headaches.

      the past few days i started cramping very lightly though, before i start my period i usually cramp pretty bad, but these cramps are different, they’re not nearly as bad and they come and go, like I’ll hardly feel them most the time.

      my breast are sore to the touch, its not like unbearable though.

      I’ve had REALLY bad heartburn the past 2 weeks,

      and I’ve had a sour stomach, i had to run to the bathroom several times thinking i was gonna get sick, i haven’t accually thrown up but I’ve been really queasy.

      well i just wanted to know what everyone thought…
      and when is a good time to take a home pregnancy test?


        Well, I’ll begin by telling you that your cycle ran about the same as mine this past month, and my husband and I abstain from sex (no artificial birthcontrol) using the natural family planning method. That was the week for me as well that I knew to avoid intimacy to prevent pregnancy. (the 15th was the 9th day after my period ended)

        So yes, I believe that you could very well be pregnant. If you are a day late, and feeling symptoms such as these it would be enough for me to be concerned. You should wait just a few days more if you can and go get a blood test. The hormone in your system will increase each day of pregnancy and so the longer you wait, all the more hormone that is picked up. It’ll prevent an innacurate results as well. I experienced those same symptoms after only a week of conceiving with a few of my children.

        If you are pregnant, I will pray that this pregnancy will be accepted with love.

        Peace of Christ,


          If you don’t mind me asking…are you in a committed relationship? Married or dating? If you are pregnant, this part of your life will become very important.

          There are a lot of people here who can help you, just let us know how things are going.

          Peace of Christ,


            thanks for your response (:
            yeah its been 3 days now and my periods still a no show, im not even getting the little cramps anymore, im gonna wait till the 6th when my period would be 1 week late and take the test, I’ll let everyone know what happens



              What did you find out?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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