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      ::Background:: My sister was 16 when she got pregnant. She told her boyfriend she was going to have an abortion. He gave her the money for it. She didn’t do it. She said she wanted to adopt out. He was by her side at every appointment, there as moral support. The day my nephew was born, my sister decided to keep her son.

      Her sons father has requested to be left alone. He is happily making his child support payments but he does not want to even see pictures of his son.

      So my question for you is how do you feel about situations like this. It doesn’t qualify for the dead beat dad category because he’s paying child support. He says he would rather be a sielent benefactor.

      I think it’s honorable, to be truthful. He could run off with no consequences but instead he is willing to be apart of the financial side of his son. I tend to be of the opinion that it’s worse to force a guy to be there than it is to just let him walk away. My father was forced to be involved and I paid for it every day. I would have much rather he disappeared. Let my mom find some one who did want to be a dad, you know?



        I agree with you that the dad is being honorable…..but your sister is the more honnorable one for choosing life when she had the means to kill her baby….it is so awesome that you have your little nephew to have and hold…..I think that it is better for a dad to not show his face than to show it randomly on and off….it hurts a child to see their dad consistantly for a season and then not again for a year…..my kids are stuck in that cycle with their biological dads and they dont even give child support….I am proud of your sister for making the choice to not persue visitations if he didnt want them and for being a StandUpGirl…..Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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