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      Okay, my last two periods have not been normal AT ALL…they last 2 days, and its more like spotting then a period, but I cramp like it is a period, I have taken 2 pregnantcy test and they both came back negative…here recently my boobs are tender, yesterday I was helping my b/f’s mother and I started getting all hot and dizzy, and I have been extremly moody…been having mood swing I guess you can say…I dunno, just thought I would find out what yall think…Thanks!


        Okay…well I guess everyone is too busy helping people with their questions to help me out with mine, sorry, have a great day all


          I wouldnt worry about that, especially if you have been spotting blood, Cause if you are pregnant, it wouldnt be good to be spotting, that is a sign that you would have a miscarriage. If u want to be sure, you will just have to go to the doc. And the breast getting tender and moodswings dont happen that early on! : )


            Sorry if it seems like we don’t respond right away. Our responses have to be approved by a moderater before they show up and it can take a day or so sometimes. The best advice that I can give is to see a doctor. Have you been excercising more or stressed about anything?


              that is happenin to me too! i dont know what it is except my period lasted 2 days and i had no cramps and that was a week late..and i have been dizzy tired hot flashes and moody! but i took a test and it said no too! i guess the best thing to do is to see a doctor! GOOD LUCK!


                Well, I had some implantation bleeding a few days after conception. At the time, I thought it was my period, just really short and light. I had some minor cramping and PMS type symptoms also, but if you continue getting dizzy, I would ask a doctor just to be sure nothing is seriously wrong.:)


                  I would go to the doctor just to be sure…when i was pregnant I took two tests both negative…I took one of those when i was four months along…I also had what I thought was period for a few months so def. go to a doctor to be sure 🙂

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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