What do u guys think of Jaime Lynne’s pregnancy

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      I was just wondering what you guys thought about Jaime Lynne’s pregnancy, cuz she’s 16??

      personally, I think she made the right decison of keeping the baby and didnt get an abortion, and her age doesnt really make a difference cuz there’s alot of teen moms and they are really strong women!!!


        i think its up to her wat she dus i am onli 16 and i am 22 weeks pregnant i sey gud luck to her as she is going to have a beautifull bby xx


          Well I wrote the same thing in another post but it didn’t get allowed through, so let’s see what happens this time.
          I’ll say what I think anyway. So what if she’s only 16? I was only 16 as well. I don’t see myself as some sort of anomaly, and I don’t see her as one either. It’s her business, and I think her pregnancy should be celebrated just like any other.
          What worries me is that if she turns out like Britney she could make a bad (as in worse i mean lol) rep for us teen mothers, if she has bad parenting, it will all be attributed to her age, just you watch. If she turns out to be a good parent, well, then the opposite is true, and I think it will a good thing for us teen mothers.
          It’s not like she’s going out there and say, hey girls, all my 12 year old fans, why don’t we all go out and get pregnant? She’s just saying, I fell pregnant and I’m standing up and keepng the baby, and I see nothing wrong with that.
          If I had a 12 year old daughter and she was watching that show, I wouldn’t really be worried Jamie’s pregnant. Hopefully I would have instilled in her enough common sense to know that it’s best to raise children after you are married and out of high school. I really think that people making all this fuss about it is just making everything worse. She’s not ONLY 16 — she’s 16, that’s all, now get over it.
          I would also like to add that if people think that Jamie Lynn is promoting sex being acceptable, why don’t they pull things like billboards with half-naked women and TVs shows that promote promiscuous sex off the air instead?


            What do you think of the fact that Nickelodeon is not going to pull "Zoey 101"? Do you think by keeping the show on the air Nickelodeon is promoting teen pregnancy? Do you think that young girls will get the idea that having sex at a young age and possibly getting pregnant is no big deal? We live in a time when sex in the media is even more prevalent than ever. Guarding our children from the constant sexual messages in tv and music is no small task. Nickelodeon promoting Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy is only going to send a message to young, impressionable girls AND boys, that sex is just as acceptable for youths to participate in as it is for stable, consenting, responsible adults. I think it’s fine that Jamie Lynn has decided to raise a child, but I don’t want my child to get the idea that this sort of thing is "the norm" and socially acceptable.


              i wish her luck and i hope the press leaves her alone!


                Jaime Lynnes pregnancy shocked me but im so happy to see someone younger than me having a baby in the media spotlight. Its good to see how people react. Im 18 and i feel i can sort of relate to her now. I can see why nickolodeon are not happy due to her been a role model for young girls. I was also proud of her standing up for herself just like im doing right now.


                  well i figure, they should continue the show, pregnant or not, she has a job.. 16 or not.. it is reality.. bitter sweet reality.. i mean even making some sort of series about pregnant/young parents.. i think would show (if it was realistic) the truth about it.. i mean why pretened like it dosnt, and cant happen… instead just addmit it, show it, and TEACH what happens.. if shes on tv or not.. people know.. not just about her, but people.. young people know sex causes baby’s.. if they decide to have sex.. then thats thier desition.. is public approval going to matter to most of them? NO i can tell you as a teen parent.. its not going to matter. so rather then hide reality.. show it and teach it.. try to prevent it.. but we cant stop it… because ITS SIMPLY REALITY!


                    at least she has the money to take care of the baby.
                    i think that if the father doesnt step up the media will make he seem like an a**hole and he’ll do what he should do, take care of his kid.
                    i wish her the best of luck and hope that she’s a better mom than her sister is. 😛 :blink:


                      well i just turned 16 in november, and im currently 39 weeks pregnant with a little girl.
                      honestly it shocked me.. i didnt think she would get pregnant i mean looking at her on her tv show.. she just seems so innocent buti think shes doing the best she can, and i think she made the right choice by not getting an abortion.. now what she does after the baby is born is a whole different story but for right now i think shes doing the best that a teenager can do especially in the limelight.


                        It shocked me at first, but i’m glad that she decided to keep the baby. though shes getting paid like 1 million just for her story in a magazine.


                          nope their getting rid of her tv show zoey 101, i actually was flipping thru the channels today and watched half an episode, and before every commerical break they said "goodbye to zoey 101" and theyre having some movie called Goodbye zoey 101 on tommarow night. I personally think that they should keep on making episodes, and make an episode on the reality, not trying to hide it.


                            That’s really sad. They shouldn’t do that to someone just because they are pregnant.


                              Actually I read a couple days ago that they decided to give her back her show so I reckon that’s good because she’s taking her responsibility on as a mature adult and i’m sure she’ll be doing reality shows etc on how to be more responsible blah blah blah but good for her she has the money and the support system I just hope they safeguard against loads of really young girls going trying to have a baby because they’v seen zoey 101 do it…. But I do salute her on being grown up about it…

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