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      I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. I am on the pill but i think i am pregnant. I havent told him yet because i know he would want me to have an abortion. I was raised that abortion is wrong. I love my boyfriend but I dont want to have an abortion. We’ve talked about this before and he said if we evr accidently got pregnant that i should have an abortion because it would put too much stress on our relationship, and Im still a senior in high school. My feelings would be to give my child up for adoption because i think thats the right thing to do. I am getting ready for college, would this ruin my life? How do i know what i should do?


        Take a test. If you’re pregnant, really think about what you should do. If you’re not, keep your legs closed.


          ever think of just giving the baby to someone who really wants one, like me! lol adoption is a great choice!!!


            Hey Kate,

            My name is Marie. I stumbled on this website from another one, but I just have to tell you something. I am 22, married, and have a 15 month old daughter. My husband is in the military. We have been together since I was 15. I got pregnant by him when I was 16 (10th grade) Basically with no other choice, I had an abortion (thanks to my grandmother) I regret the decision every day I wake up… I think about the fact that that was a human being inside of me and it was ripped out. Its a really horrible thing. I think you just have to do what YOU feel is right, not what any one else thinks. You’re a senior in high school. You’d graduate and I’m sure you’d find a way to make college work. There is always a way, if you are willing to put forth effort to make it work. I hope this helps. You can e-mail at my home address if you want to talk more. Please just don’t have the abortion. I know it will be hard, but stand by your values and what you believe in.

            Good luck, sweetheart!



              Well The pill is known to cause early abortions…and if you have been on it then you may have already accidently and unknowingly had one. (hate to say it) good luck though…dont have one

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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