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      🙁 Im 19 & have been with my current boyfriend for a year now,i have a 4year daughter from a previous relationship.Everything is going alright,but i think im pregnant again.How am i going to tell him?what about my parents?I’ve had an abortion before and i vowed to never to do it again.Im so confused,someone please help….:unsure:


        Hello, and congratulations on being a mother!

        You’ve given some wonderful advice to another person on this site. One who just found out she is pregnant, worried to do it alone, unsure whether to terminate..etc…. Take your own advice and not lose faith that God will take care of you and his little ones. He will not forsake you!! He will test our loyalty through blessings and hardships…..but will we only praise him when the sun is out? Will we praise him only when we receive? Will you forsake God when the storm comes? Don’t let the negative influences of this world tell you to give up that baby to murder. Stay strong and fight for your little one’s life. Lay your 4 yr. old’s tiny hand on your stomach and tell her that her baby brother or sister is in there….look into her eyes and think how it would be if she wasn’t with you.

        I will be praying for your decision to embrace life once again. You will never regret keeping your baby!!



          It is so good.

          It sounds wonderful that you vowed to yourself never to have an abortion.

          Face your boyfriend and tell him the truth and if he hesitates to take responsibility of the child be strong enough and be sure that the child is more of your joy.

          Imagine you will be surprised to see your child grow and by the time you remember the past,the child will be already grown.After all how many people have been brought up by single mothers and are successful with me inclusive.Pass my greetings to the child when it comes.


            Just sending a greeting of Love and support for you friend.
            I was just wondering if you’d told your boyfriend yet.

            You are not alone in your fight. Just let us know how things are going.

            Many prayers,


              Hey Tabby,thanx for the lovely message 🙂 I was raised by a single mom too,but i know how hard it is to raise one child. What about 2 kids?I really dont think i’ll have it in me to do this alone again.


                Hey Angel,how are you doing?i wish i could say that im great but im not 🙁 I haven’t told him the news,im so nervous.The last time i saw him was 2days ago-he keeps calling,but i dont answer.I feel so guilty!!!I could have done something to prevent this but i didn’t…….


                  Hi Kanye,

                  Use the love of your children, your 4 yr. old little girl and your angel in heaven, as your strenght to fight for this baby. You will need the courage to do this or you will be easily persuaded to make another choice you know you will live to regret. Don’t let the pressure of worrying about their reactions cause you to shrink in fear. Nothing good will ever come of that way of life. You have the faith to believe in God, I know you do. Turn to Him for strength every moment…..with every decision and with every word. May I suggest reading the book of Psalms?

                  I will continue to pray for your petitions and the life of this baby!!

                  Be silent so that you may hear the word of God!!

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