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      :S first off my name is Mandy and i am 17 yrs old. i am due to get married to a wonderful man who has stuck by my side through thick and thin. we lived together and still do. we were together for a month and a half, when we started sleeping together, i got pregnant and when i was 3 months along i miscarried. i guess the stress finally won over. i was constantly fighting with my family, they didnt know i was pregnant, my life was basically hell. when i miscarried the pain wasnt that bad, until they had to clean me out. i had heard stories about how the pain was so bad people couldnt walk, so i didnt think i had miscarried cuz it wasnt that bad. but i had. i cried for days. at this time i had left with my b/f, basically ran away, i was scared to go home but knew that i really needed family support. he ended up going to jail for sumthing he didnt do. so when i got home (i ended up being forced by the cops to go home) i just cried for days on end. i told my parents everything and my b/f gave me as much support as he could. he is now home and we have not had sex since however we are thinking that i got pregnant before we got caught and i am about 5-6 months along. i have all the signs and have weird sensations in my stomach. the tests on the other hand say im not. and my doctor said i am not pregnant also. i am having light periods with some horrible cramps…i call them the cramps from hell….lol…so if im not pregnant why am i getting the signs? i was doing just fine and now whenever my b/f asks me if i am sure im not pregnant i just cry and say yes i am sure…i want a baby but not enough to make myself think i am pregnant. what can i do? and how can i know for sure that i am not pregnant? i have done blood and urine tests. my mohter doesnt know about how i feel cuz if i tell her she will accuse me of sleeping with him again since he has been back. he is a lot older than me and all. i am also gaining a lot of weight…like i gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks. not normal for me…plez help sum1..yes this is in my blog but i am very confused…and i am scared…:dry:


        well if you are so concerned i would sugjest going to your doctor again… i hope all goes well.. good luck


          Ok so if I have this right, your getting married to this guy that your parents don’t want you to see and or have sex with. That really sucks that you miscarried, but maybe thats for the better, look at what kind of life it would have come into, would it have been the best? How can you not be sure that your 5 to six months?! Shouldn’t you be showing at that point? Unless you are overweight (no offense if you are). If all the tests are saying no then you couldn’t be that far along, you need enough hormones to support that baby in the womb. And those tests are VERY sensitive, they’d pick up the slightest hint. Have they done an ultrasound? If there is a baby in there they could see it, if your not, they could see what is giving you those weird sensations. You might be getting those signs because your body still thinks there’s someone there. You have done all you could to prove that your not, with the exception of the ultrasound. Get that done, if its negative, then you need to be talking to a trusted doctor about why you have these symptoms and what, if anything, you can do to fix them. ABout the weight, I don’t know. ASk the doc. ANd dont be afraid to get more than one opinion 2,3,4…! Let us know if and when you get this sorted out.


            I would go to a crisis pregnancy center and ask for an ultrasound.at 5-6 months your hormones can be level enough to not show up on a preg test (my friend found out she was preg when the baby kicked but a test said negative) if you are 5-6 months along you should be feeling the baby move!!! I am sorry for the rough place you are in but if this guy is way older than you then you need to listen to your parents. They could get him thrown in jail and tagged as a sex offender (depending on how old he is compared to you I would think so also) I hope that this will be resolved soon so you can rest and get back to life let us all know how this turns out….Love and Prayers..Meg


              no clue, but if urine, blood and doctors all say your not… you cant be 5 months along and not have high enough HCG levels… like it would be pretty obvious right? Even though you say you might not want a baby enough to make your self think your pregnant, maybe your body does. if your that worried… just keep testing or maybe speak to a doctor about why you feel this way and keep showing negatives. good luck.


                hello there! the only thing i can say to you is go to the doctor and see what they say again…if you have to get a second opion.i am going into my 6 month and everything that you have decribed sounds like you are pregant.it is normal to have light periods when you are pg and other things. if you need someone to talk to — [here e-mail me at my profile].

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