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      well im 13 weeks along and i have only had one prenatal appointment… and they were trying to find the heartbeat but they couldnt… is that a problem or is that normal…
      on some days i am really sick like nausea and stuff and i have food cravings… and then there are other days where i dont even feel like i am pregnant.. but i did have 5 pregnancy test come out positive… 2 of those where doctor tests…

      and here is a little history… this is my second child… but with the 1st one i didnt find out that i was pregnant until i was 16 weeks pregnant…and then i had my baby 3 months premature… and that pregnancy was nothing like this one..but i am worried that i could miscarry or have another one that is that premature…

      should i be worried or wait until my next appointment to see if it is different…
      and if it helps… the doc said that my womb was tilted backwards… what does that mean…


        Hi there… I hope that they find a heart beat… If you want too… you can read my story at:



          hey umm ok im not a mother yet but i might be able to help u firstly,id like to ask when was ur 1st appointment how far along were u? coz if it was in the 1st 8weeks of the prenancy then its normal for the doc to maybe not see it but after that it becums very visible so by now there should be a heartbeat…a strong one too..i dont know if ur 1st pregnancy has anything to do with this so i cant say BUT what i do know is that by u stressing out about this is not gonna do u any good either way coz its not good 4u or the baby i really suggest that u take extra good care of urself till ur next appointment, its really not gonna help if u stress from now and at ur next appointment get all ur questions answered by the doc and settle ur thoughts…
          i hope ive helped and i hope everything works out in ur favour!


            Hi Hermia2012, Just a little information to help you out. 1st was the doctor trying to find the heart beat on an ultrasound or with a doppler? If it was with the ultrasound you need to be concerned! Dopplers which are usually accurate, can still miss the heart beat. I suspect he tried to find it with a doppler and that’s why he said your uterus is tilted backward. This would place the baby too far way for the doppler to work well. It’s normal to have a uterus tilted backwards, women who have this will have more low back pain during pregnancy. When is your next appointment? I would insist with your doctor to do an ultrasound to confirm everything is okay. Blessings! Vicki RN


              Hey don’t worry too much!! My doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat when I was five months one time and that was only because my little guy was being cheeky!! If it was your fist prenatal visit and the baby is stil so teeny weeny it’s not a suprise they couldn’t find it, everything should be ok as long as you haven’t had any other symptoms a long with it (cramps, headaches, bleeding!) if you are concerned though you can always drop in to your doctors and they can help you to figure out the problem.
              Good luck and keep us updated!


                Yes that early on can be hard to find it properly, only because the baby is so small. Baby might have also been laying towards your back which would have made it harder.Dont stress. Nxt appointment you will hear and see everything:)

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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