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      Ok, so I just had my son a month ago and me and my boyfriend started having sex again, because I’ve been feeling perfectly fine. (Everything went perfect for the delivery, so that’s why I feel so great now) Anyways, we’ve used a condom everytime, except once. Now he pulled out, but I’m terrified of getting pregnant again. What are the chances that just that one time I could get pregnant, even if he pulled out? The reason I’m asking is because I heard you are most fertile a year after having a baby. Thank you to anyone who answers.

      So, like 2 days after this happened, I had some light bleeding going on. I thought maybe I finally started my period again, but it only lasted a day. This is a bad sign, isn’t it?


        The pull out method is not entirely reliable so its possible. I was on the pill, my daughter only 4 months old and had only had sex twice and i got pregnant again…If i can get pregnant like that then i dont see why you cant. keep an eye out for symptoms.


          That doesn’t offer me a whole lot of hope that I’m not. lol. I know if I am, everything will turn out okay, but it’s kind of nerve wracking, especially since I don’t know if I am or not or when I can take a test.


            Did you have a vaginal birth? If so and you didn’t use a condom you may have experienced a bit of irritation during sex. 4 weeks after birth your cervix isn’t producing mucus for lubrication. No condom also reduced the possibility of lubrication. I would guess the blood was probably a rust color or dark red and not your usual period color.
            To answer your initial question, yes you can become pregnant. Your body has not returned to its original cycle and very well could release an egg prematurely during the month.


              It was a vaginal birth. And part of the reason I’m so worried is because the bleeding was exactly like my period, but not. Any bleeding before that I know was from the birth, so that’s why this confuses me so much, especially because I completely stopped bleeding and everything a while before this. So, since it’s a possibility, does anyone know when I should take a test?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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