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      I had unprotected sex on 14 and the 19 witch is the day before my estamated ovulation date. witch is the 20. It was unprotected and he came in side me. I wanted to know what you guys think the chances of me gitting pregnant are. Thanks for your help.


        Pleas some one give me some edvice. I am always tierd. My boobs are some what sore. I wake up feeling funny like i am going to puck. But never really do. I have a head ack and back ake all the time. I wont git my period for a nother week if it comes. I am so scared cuse my sister had a baby at 17 and she did not tell us tell she was 5 mounths and my dad fliped out. Please some one respond.


          Looking at what your symptoms are, it would seem that you are pregnant. You should get doctors or certified nurse midwife appointments set up right away. There are places you can take free pregnancy tests, so try going to one of those places. They will keep it confidential if you don’t wish your parents to know right away.

          Even if your dad get’s mad at you, there will be a time when it will get better. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. I know what it’s like. Mine is still mad at me, but he loves my daughter.

          Babies are worth it. Hard work, but completely worth it.

          I want to wish you good luck, and if you need some help with something else, just post!


            Since your menstrual cycle is not quite due try not to fret until it is late. The symptoms you have could be associated with your monthly cycle or pregnancy.
            Talk to your boyfriend if you can and let him know your fears. You should not go through this alone.


              hey, i’m only 17 and i just found out that i am pregnant. i don’t know what to think right now, and im just in shock. it defenitly was not planned. but i really had no idea i was pregnant until i missed my period.. i started feeling crampy and my back ached.. and thats what normally happens to me before my period so, i just thought nothing of it.. my boyfriend insisted i take a test.. well, i took 3 and all 3 were positive.. im now about 6 weeks i believe and i don’t feel sick to my stomach, i just eat like crazy, cramps, VERY tired, and headaches.. take a test.. see what it says..


                I think your chances could be pretty high if your feeling all those symptoms but I would wait it out till you’ve missed your period or you can try taking the at home ones that can sometimes get the results like 4 or 5 days before your missed period.


                  I took two test and they were both negitive but i read somere that is may not be positive tell the day of my missed period becuse the hormon level will be higher then. Could this be whats happing to me?


                    It’s very possible. I took a test too early, and it came back negative, and then I took it again a week later, and it was positive.


                      Did not git my period on the 3 like I was supose to. Had some light brown spotting to day. Took two test on the 30 both were neg. Pregnent?

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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