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      Hi, my name is Brittany and i’m 17 years old. Yesterday I found out that I am pregnant. The guy I am pregnant to is not my boyfriend. A while back we dated for a year and a half, and we’ve been on and off back and fourth for the past year. All he ever did to me was break my heart. And now I’m pregnant with his child. I told him yesterday as soon as I found out, and he’s set on having me get an abortion because it’s the "smart" thing to do. I don’t want my future to be ruined, and college and everything, but there is no way that I could ever get an abortion and live with myself. This guy continues to tell me that were not going to be together, and he doesn’t want his child growing up with it’s parents not being together. So he thinks abortion is the way out. If I abort I will regret it for the rest of my life, i’m so against it, but i’m so scared. My parents are going to kill me and I don’t want that, i don’t want my mom to be mad at me for making a bad decision. It’s our mistake, not the child’s mistake, why take a life for something we did wrong? I just don’t know though and i’m so confused, I need someone to talk to and i just need to feel ok with my decision, whatever it may be. Thank you, your web site has made me feel better about the whole situation. :unsure:


        hey girl!!! well i no wut you mean (kinda) this guy that im with rite now isnt my boyfrend and the first time i thought i was pregnant i told him about it and he tried to tell me to get an abortion bkuz like your man (or wuteva he is to you) he said its the "right" thing to do bkuz im not even finished w.skool and at the time i wuz 15. he used the xcuse that im not even old enuf to get a job how am i guna support a baby? shoot i told his butt he wuz guna heelp me and im not going to get an abortion no matta wut he says. it kumz out he had anotha gurl pregnant. so i hung up on him and we didnt talk for about 3 months. then i seen him again at one of his frendz house nxt door 2 my aunts casa n he came up n talkd to me tellng me hes sorry n all dat to make a long story short i wuznt pregnant and i took him bak (in a way) kuz we nvr went out but now i find myself in the same situation (i could b pregnant) but i havnt told him yet until i find out 4sho wuts going on in muh belly!!! but yea wut im trying to say is u no wut u want and dont let anyone change yur mind! lubbinz sweetz!


          "What am I supposed to do?"
          Be brave.
          Face your fears.

          Even in darkness there is light. Search for that light, and it will guide you to finding clarity. Think about what YOU want, how you can achieve these goals, and what having a child in the midst of them might mean. One day your parents will be gone. If you aborted your child, then it will have all been for nothing. When they’re gone, does that give you freedom to grieve? You have the right every day to decide what YOU want.

          I am 19 years old, living out of state away from any family and friends I’ve ever had. Here, I have NOBODY. And I’m 3 months pregnant with a biracial child. I am choosing to keep my baby.

          What will your choice be?


            you can’t saying that having this abortion would be a huge mistake. you already know that. please just stay strong. i thought having my daughter would be the biggest mistake i ever made. i look at her now and realize how amazingly lucky i am to have her. please stay strong. if you have the abortion i really do think you’ll regret it. i’ll pray for you


              No matter what circumstances children are conceived in, they are always a blessing. Your precious baby will mean more to you than anyone or anything else on earth. Keep yours and you will find out what I mean. You will not regret it, I promise!

              I will pray for you!


                Do what you know is right. I understand the dilema you are in, I was there over 20 years ago and made the wrong decision. Today, over 20 years later I am still suffering for that decision. Here I am on a web site about abortions. I cannot forget or forgive myself. An abortion does not solve the problem. It does not make it like it never happened. It will always be with you. Each year in my mind I picture my child at the age he/she would have been. The things he/she would have been doing. Every holiday, every time I see a newborn, every time I see an article on abortion, child rearing, pictures of sonagrams, anything that concerns children, I am zoomed back into a black funk. I have wept a thousand bitter tears. I have prayed and sought couseling. Nothing takes the place of the life I took. If you cannot see yourself raising a child, then please opt for adoption. There are so many good families wanting children desperately. I KNOW this is hard, I understand your situation, I know it seems your life is over. Even happily married newly pregnant women go through feelings of doubt and fear. I am positive one day you will look back and be so glad you did not choose abortion. I wish someone had made me have a sonogram before the abortion. I am so sure if I had seen the baby… and they are babies even in the first few weeks… I could never have went through with it. I think it should be mandatory for all mothers considering abortion to have a sonogram first. It would save countless lives, and even if a woman went through with it, she would at least have been aware. I was not. I had no idea that my "problem" had a face. Oh God if only….

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