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      uhmm.. last october i wrote a forum in here if im pregnant? well this time same question.. i dunno if im pregnant because
      i had my period last october 23 but then on last november i missed my period., up until now dec 07.. no period cumming.., and im taking up a pills., cud it be possible that im pregnant? help.. need advice., i dunno if i should continue taking up pills.. but until now im still on it..


        hell no dont keep taking the pills. wait til you find out for sure or not.


          well last dec.9 my period cum, but definitely it is not like before that i used 2-3 pads a day., because this time 1 pad a day! it is not that strong like before., and suddenly last last night ( dec.9) i saw my blood which is not in common cause basically it is liquid right?! it’s a solid one which sticks on my pad and i don’t know what’s it? im afraid.. help plz..


            if i was u i would stop takin the pills n find out if u r becuz if u r u could hurt the baby so stop n take a test 2 mAke sure…but ur not alone im on the same page as u….i had my period n oct n havent had it since but im stressed bout college n stuff…but i have a lil boy….need any more help let me knw .


              Instead of asking every few months if you’re preggo why not get a test? Your period could be messed up because of the pill its a side effect. Well we cannot really tell if you are or not but get a test and if you are dont take those pills

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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