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      hi, i posted on hear a few days gao that i mite b pregnant, i still havnt tested yet cos im waiting on my period which is due in a couple of days..earlier on tonite i was getting stabbing pains in my lower stomache mostly on my right side.could bthis have anything to do with being pregnant?is it bad? on one of my last posts i had said that i already seem to be gettin r chubby belly n then told that it cud be my muscles n bowel moving,could this b causing the pain?plz help,im really scared…there is no bleeding.


        If your period isn’t due just yet and you’re having belly "growth," rumblings, and pain, maybe these are just PMS symptoms. Don’t worry so much until you’ve actually missed your period by several days at least.


          hi, well i dont kno wen my period is due b cos i was taking the pill and it made my periods really iregular…the last time i got any sign of r period was about 4weeks ago and it was only one day and it was a really light brown colour.


            If you end up being late for your period make sure you go to the doctors…my daughter was a tubal pregnancy (miraculously slipped out and replanted) I had the most severe stabbing pains on my left side and I went to the ER to get checked out…they did a blood test and it came back negative and gave me some painkillers and anti-biotics and gave me a two week follow up appointment with a gynocologist, I was concerned about having some strange disease or something so I didn’t touch my boyfriend at the time with a 10ft pole for the next two weeks (they tested me at the hospital for infections and I was 100% clean but I still took the precaution) they gave me a pregnancy test at my appointment, office protocol, and it turned positive…because of my circumstances and family history of tubal pregnancy they sent me straight to the radiologist for an ultrasound…sure enough I had severe scarring in my left tube and I was anywhere from 5-7 weeks along I don’t remember….anyways all this to say if you don’t start and the pain continues please see a doctor and make sure that you are ok…let us all know what happens…p.s my little girl just turned 5, I chose life against her dads will and I couldn’t imagine life without her….Meg


              go to the can be more serious than you think!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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