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      I went to the dr. for my 17th week chck up and I haven’t gained a pound since I got preggo. I’ve lost 6 pounds, I eat, and the baby is growing healthy. anyone have this experience? the dr. said to increase calories ande decrease stress..


        As long as bub is healthy, its all good.
        Did you have bad morning sickness? I have heard this can make people lost weight but it wont affect bubs health.


          I think that I am going through that now. I am finding it easier to loose weight, and harder to gain!! I am really trying to gain weight for my baby, and its hard cause I am underweight for my age and height.


            It’s just frustrating becuase I feel like I’m always stuffing my face, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. when I decided to keep, I figured I might as well be as healthy as possible, but it’s kind of disheartining. I guess I just don’t feel pregnant withouth gaining weight but as long as the baby is healthy, i shouldn’t worry.

            princess Angela

              I was loosing weight at the start of my pregnancy as well an i didnt have morning sickness at all… and my baby is healthy acctually his bigger then he should be for how far along i am….so weather u gain it wont really harm the baby u will start gaining weight when the time is right.

              I havnt hoped on the scales in a while acctully hahaha since like the first 2 months of pregnancy… so im not even sure if i have put on weight i am sure i have about 7 kilos i would say an im 22weeks



                I would not worry it about it at all, especially if your doctor doesn’t show any concern. The same thing happened to me except I had debilitating morning sickness up until my third month. (even water turned my stomach sour) I had lost a good six pounds until I finally started gaining it back and that was at about six months. While my doctor showed no distress about it it still bothered me so I took it upon myself to find ways to gain weight. I would drink a large glass of chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning and sometimes again at night (mostly because I thought it was delicious) and soon enough I slowly started packing on the pounds =]]]
                I hope this helped you.


                  As long as you are making good/healthy choices when you eat, I wouldn’t worry too much.

                  I lost 27 pounds with each of my boys. Yes, 27!!

                  You’ll eventually make it up. Just try to eat things like spinach for salads or oatmeal for cereals. If you’re trying to load up on calories to gain weight, eat loaded baked potatoes. Banana splits are also good!

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