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      [size=4]okay, i was spoused to get my period on the 8th of May… didn’t get it, thought “okay no biggie” …. it’s still not hear(May 20th)… and we didn’t even TRY this time.. i also had food poisoning on the 16th-18th, WHAT’S UP !! O.O,

      I’ve been having nausea, heart burn, back aces, and sooo sleepy the past 2 weeks or so… and today a little bit of cramping, but not like when i get my period, cause when i do my knee hurts like HELL!…. is it possible the one time were not trying, it happens!? could it be something eles..? i also got xrays done last week.. if i don’t get my period by Saturday, I’m going to PCC…. :angry: :angry: :angry: [/size]


        Not sure if you are planning on going anywhere, but you could always try to go to a pregnancy resource center. You can go to this website and they tell you the closest one to you. http://www.pregnancycenters.org/ These places are nice because its confidential and free. You can get a pregnancy test and they also do free ultrasounds. They give you free diapers and everything. The people there are super nice and helpful.


          yeah, i’m going to PCC ( pregnancy care center) on Saturday. for a pregnancy test and a concealer.


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          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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