Wats wrong?? hw do i figure this out??

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      :unsure: Okay im very confused i have never had a regular cycle its always like every other month ((for example i had one in December none in january then one at the ending/begining of march!!!)) now me an my bf had sex without protection a couple times this month alone mayb 5 times already since my last cycle an he hasnt pulld out or anything i thought mayb it wouldnt matter b/kuz i dnt knw when my next cycle will come could i become pregnant since it has happen soo many times??:dry:
      we dont mind we just dont knw if its possible!!??
      HeLp anY oNe!!!!
      tHnX in AdVanCe 2 ANy RePLy!!!;)


        Yes, you could be pregnant… I would say that in your case you should probably go to the doctor and get a blood test done. Or you could just wait for a few more weeks and take a home pregnancy test.


          Absolutely….you could become pregnant at any time when you are engaging in sex, protected or not!!

          Not having a regularly tracked cycle makes the figuring out more difficult.

          It’s a good thing that you and your bf don’t mind that you become pregnant…atleast you’re aware that you may be a mother because of your actions and you are willing to accept that life. Praise to God!! I will pray however, that you and he will wait for marriage to continue, because it will allow you and him time to bond more intimately in other ways besides sexually. Marriages and babies need to have some solid ground to survive. Please consider if you’re not pregnant….to wait and abstain from sex until there is a solid committment, and God will then bless your marriage with the gift of a child.

          There is no hurry!!

          my prayers


            I became pregnant and I went through the same thing you did. Except I have never used protection and I never got pregnant. Now all of a sudden I am out of the blue. I was not suposed to be able to get pregnant the doctors said. My period was also very iregular. I did not know I was until I had a question in my mind and I took a pregnancy test. I thought “know way.. it ain’t possible” But it is and it is very real. I wish you the best of luck.

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