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      Listen everyone! There has been some ppl on here who have been stealing your photos! I know bc i saw it! So plz girls WATERMARK YOUR PHOTOS! If you dont know how to do this, i can do it for you! All u have to do is go to Paint or anything you have and put txt over the main part of your photo! Make sure they cant crop out the words! Put something like, property of maeghan bearden or propery of myspace.com/maeghanalyson or something to that extent ……..plz girls if you dont do this your photos CAN be taken and used by someone else!!!!


        awh….that’s really sick that people would actually steal photos….I’m gonna do that with mine:) thanks…


          Why would somebody do that?


            wow…thanx for that info……i’m gonna go look at my pics now and see of they can be stolen…..


              anyone can use ur photos if u dont have them watermarked! all they have to do is right click and save it to their computer! So i encourage everyone to do it or someone can use them as their own! I saw someone takeing someone elses belly pics and useing them as their own on myspace! So plz girls do this unless u want someone else using your photos! There is always that weirdo out there that thinks its cool! Idk why ppl would do this but they do! And your welcome i hope everyone reads this warning and does something bc i would hate for anyone else to have their photos stolen!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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