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      can u girls help me pleazzee? i am 14. my 13 year old girlfreind is pregnant. i am scared. i luv my girl and i want to be the dad mine never was but how? pleazzee give me some suggestions.


        Make sure you have some support. From your parents or her parents, older siblings or whoever. Being so young you guys will have a hard time doing it by yourselves. But as long as there is love, have faith that everything will be okay.



          I’m glad to hear that you love your girlfriend and are willing to stand beside her and support her. For many girls the father bails out on them during this hard time. I know it might be frightening and scary right now, but you two need to be there for each other.

          Do either of your families know about the pregnancy yet? It may be frightening to tell them, but especially since you are both young it will be best to have the support from your families.

          Like Georgia stated, having a baby will bring many changes and responsibilities to your lives. But I hope that you two decide not to have an abortion and decide to give life to this child. However you might want to consider adoption as a loving alternative. Either way it will not be easy and you will have to face some hardships, but you will make it through. Continue to support your girlfriend and your child. Try to do what is best for your child and for the two of you, whether it is parenthood or giving the child up for adoption and moving on with your lives. Best wishes.



            ok here goes life is full of bad choices and u made the risk of having sex so u can just help her and be there for her at least u have the courage and audasity to step up and be a man about it For that i give u a smiley :cheer:


              be there for her as much as possible and get a hold of financial aid services to help with the money and WIC to helpwith food and stuff. i know that your ages are way too young to actually work right? Don;t you have to be 16? Have you talked to both of your parents? I suggest whatever choice you guys make to keep, abort, or give the baby to others, make sure thats he gets on depo or osme type of birth controla nd you start to buy and wear condms. i wish you guys teh best of luck and i will keep you in my prayers.


                I can say im sorta in the same boat as u. I’m 14 and im pregnant. Although my boyfriend is 17, he isn’t at all ready for this. Neither am i. Feeling scared is sooo normal. I know telling ur parents will be hard. but it’s the best choice. i shouldn’t be talking cause my parents don’t even know yet. heck, they don’t even know im dating my boyfriend. Just be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. It will all fall into place.


                  ok first of thing shes positive that she is? and second thing have you two told your parents?if not i kno you may not want to but its a must at first your parents will take it hard and all bu after a while they will be your main support system. trust me i kno my mom is there 100%…… so yeah and wha do you two plan on doing?


                    what every one else said! o yeah, and if she gets fiercly emotional and goes on a rampage, know that its probably not directed at you shes just frustrated and your her main sorce of support so its all gonna come out on you…wait til she calms down if your angry bout that cuz it wont help anything


                      Hey mate I know it’s hard and confusing and everything just seems so sureal, but you better get your head aroung it a.s.a.p because believe me this baby will be here before you know it. And I know how you feel, I had a pregnancy scare at 13. thankfully thats all it was. A scare. I was so depressed when I thought I could have been. I was just way to young. I’m currently pregnant again at 16 (I’m 10 days overdue) and although it is still very young I feel so much better about it this time. I know it’s not gonna be easy, I know that I have no idea how hard it’s gonna be, but I’m prepaired for that – well, I hope I am anyway. I have an older boyfriend who has a good job and my family is very well off, so financially there won’t be any proberlms. I know I don’t know you from a bar of soap, but you have to ask yourself is it fair to bring this baby into the world? How well am I going to be able to be there emotionally and physically for this baby?Because this baby deserves the best, you know? It’s not asking to be born. And whatever you think your going through your girl is taking it 10000000000000times harder. Because although this is happening to the both of you, initally it’s her body it’s happening to so it’ll affect her many more ways. She probaly already has a very strong emotional attatchment to this little baby as it is growing in her. You need to be there for her, even just to listen to her. You can’t turn your back on her no matter what. She needs to know your there for her, even so more that you haven’t told your parents yet. And you know what, there is no perfect time to tell your parents something like this at such a young age. The sooner it’s out the better. Good luck mate, hope all goes well 🙂


                        😆 hey ryan,
                        just be there for her mate. Just talk about it with her, be a loving boyfriend and help her through with it. Its the best advice i can give you. ITs all up to you guys. Just dont do anything u will regret. We all love you heaps!
                        Love you both! Thinking of you.
                        Anna. :cheer:


                          well really you shouldnt even be having sex right now yall are both to young.. but i will tell you this it is very hard to take of a baby im 18 and married and sometimes it is really hard for me but it is also great at the same time.. you should keep the baby tell you girl everyday that you love her and tell the baby the same thing even when she is pregant with him or her.. let her know how much you care and how much you are there for her.. she will need alot of attention from now on so make sure you give it to her ok..i hope you both have fun raising your new baby i know i love my 4 month old son more than anything so congradulations to you both..love tara


                            Ryan_ you are a man wanting to stand up like that


                              You should let your girlfriend know that you will be there for your baby. That will give her some kind of sercurity. You and your girlfriend and the family should get together and talk about the situation. It’s normal for you to be scared. Me and my boyfriend went through the same thing. Once we talked about it we felt better. Once everything was out and everyone new about it you start to feel better too. 🙂


                                It’ll B OK. Take good care of UR girl and support her lots! Don’t take her crazy mood swings personally, and show her tons of luv and respect! As 4 ur baby, give them guidence, not directions. Teach them with rewards, not threats and punishements, and most of all, make sure U show them total and complete unconditional love, even when u r mad at them! I hope I could help at least some!
                                Luv, Aimee-Nicole



                                  I tottaly know where your are coming from, i’m 15, and well don’t freck out yet. Your life’s not over, just always remind her that you love her and the baby and are going to help her no matter what. Even though you both are very young, you two can make it. After all what is love and parents for..lol..right?!!?!?!

                                  e-mail me some time I’ll love to talk to you and
                                  your girlfriend to see how it’s going!

                                  Wishing you the best of luck with your first baby
                                  Luv yah,
                                  Sarah G.


                                    That is really scary. I am glad that you are looking towards life for this baby. abort73 is a good web site. I will pray for you. Taking care of a baby is hard work but doible if you have support. You need to talk to your parents and hers.


                                      i was 14 when i had my first baby…my bf was 17 but he wasnt working…it would have been ver hard on us but i had alot of support from my parents…even thouh they were angry with me for getting pregnant so young but they helped me alot….so just make sur you can get help from your parents or hers….i mean their your parents they should help you o matter what…good luck


                                        Will it is going to be hard being young it is great that you are ready to be a daddy but things a going to be different and I hope you two have a lot of support. Maybe try to find a class just to talk to other parents or try looking for a health unit they do help out a lot and they will help you find what you may need as you baby grows.. good luck.


                                          I must agree with the other, you deserve props for being there for her, you both made a decision to do this. Deffinatly talk to both your parents, see what they think is the best for you both. Legally she doesn’t have to get an abortion just because her parents say so. From 12 on the baby mama has the choice. If the parents don’t want to help you raise the baby, look into open adoption so you can see the baby as much as possible but you have given up custody.


                                            hi my name is sandra and i would like to help if that is ok with you,,,,,
                                            i know u might be scared but dont let that stop u from doing what is right, if u truly and honestly love your girl like u say u do because either way no matter what u decide the baby is still going to be born,,,,stay with her help her because u are both young and without eachother you really have no one else who will trully understand,,,,if u havent already please tell someone, i know tha may seem like a scary thing to do but if u do plan on keeping the child,they will find out sooner ot later so why not get help sooner??? hope i helped believe me i know where u are coming from im only 15 and im going to have a baby too


                                              If you need help telling your parents, talk to a school counsuelor first, they can help you work out your emotions so you know the right things to say. My counsuelor told me that i cant control the reactions of my parents when i was thinking of how they would react. My parents reacted just the way i thought they would, very angry and misunderstanding of my beliefs. But I’m staying strong rite now and thats wut matters.


                                                right now i can guarantee that you are helping out just by being there…remember, your girlfriend is going to be really scared too and helping her out and supporting her is the probably going to make the most difference…realize it’s going to be hard, but getting through this together will help bring you guys closer…telling your parents will be hard, but they often will come around and help out, since this is their grandchild afterall…just keep holding on, everything will work out like its supposed to.


                                                  You need to search for the answers that you can deal with. My suggestion is search out information on all choices, and then look at what you and your girl friend can do. The real options are abortion parenting and adoption. Seek information on all of these things, and then really look at how you feel about each choice.

                                                  Abortion seems easy, but the psychological aspects can effect some people. There are many sights about this on the negative psychological effects, and I am sure there are many people who can walk away from this choice.

                                                  Parenting is the long choice, and the hard choice, but for many it is the only choice, because they cannot bring themselves to abort or give up their child.

                                                  Adoption is the last thing most people look at. Look for information on what modern adoption is like, and know that many people can’t do this either. It is just too hard for them to know someone else is raising their child.

                                                  Look for facts not theories and what others have heard look to people who know about each choice, and then make your decision. If you need anything I think anyone here would be willing to help.


                                                    i understand how you feel you guys will adventually have to tell your parents you guys are so young although im 15 myself and don’t know if im pregnant or not its possible as a girl i would want the father to always be by my side just tell her you will always be there for her and you wouldnt realize how much she will appreciate it! good luck.

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