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      I am 18 and two months pregnant. The doctors told me that I could not get pregnant because my body denies it. They were right until now. I think that everything happends for a reason because it truly is a miricale. They only thing that is getting to me and that is a seriouse problem is that my boyfriend that is soon going to be my husband is going to war!. He is heading for Afganistan in November which means I am alone for delivering and taking care of it for a year or the rest of my life depending on wether or not he makes it back home. I have no support. My parents hate the idea because I was supossed to be the only one in my family to go to college and not be a screw up. I graduated high school a year early with 12 college cedits so I am well on my way. I am going to take on line courses during and after my pregnancy. I am just wondering if anybody else in in my perdicument.


        Hi Amanda,
        Congratulations on getting pregnant!! When’s the wedding?? It truly is a blessing from God to create a life. Cherish every moment of this pregnancy with no fear. Your family will come around once they watch you go through your pregancy with love and acceptance of this baby. They will want to be a part of you and your baby’s life. No one should make you feel like a screw up because you are pregnant. You are in a loving relationship with a committment….the timing could have been different and then everyone would be happy as larks, but….it didn’t happen that way. You’re pregnant, and that is the bottom line. You won’t be alone….I can almost gaurantee they won’t abandon you. The love for a baby is something that cannot be denied.

        As far as your fiance/husband deploying…..it will be a sacrafice I am familiar with. My husband has been there to the front lines quite a few times during our marriage, and other countries during his career in the same line of work as yours. Hopefully, mine trained yours 😉 You will have to find the strength to support him and pray for his return. His safety depends on your strength back home. He will worry for you, rightly so, but if he knows you support him he will have a clear head to focus, do his job, and stay safe. Your baby will not only look up to his/her father with pride for his military service, but will also see a mother who stood behind him so that he could get the job done. I will pray for his return and that you will be strong.

        If you ever need to talk or just want to stay in touch when it gets difficult, please let me know.

        God bless,

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