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      My husband and I are in our 30’s and hav e a very stable home. We have two wonderful boys but I am unable to have any more children so we were wanting to adopt. it has been on our hearts for a long time now. I didn’t want to adopt just any child but one from a mom who loves the baby but just doesn’t feel she’s ready to take on the responsibility. I know we could go through an agency but I’m just waiting on the lord to direct me. does anyone have any suggestions? I have also heard about going through the state. My husband is in the military but stationed permanantly here so all is well in that area. I’m a stay at home mom who would give a baby soo much. Both of my boys are on the honor roll and participate in sports. We are just looking to see what options there are.


        It sounds like you’d be a very good adoptive family! 🙂
        I don’t really have any suggestions, just wanted to say good luck! I hope that it works out for you!

        My Aunt is thinking about adopting triplets… she said that if you become a foster family first it is not as expensive to adopt (at least where she lives).

        Let us know when and if you are able to adopt! 🙂


          Hi, there is an organization called the nurturing network that helps women in alot of capacities, and also have information on adoption for the type of women you have described. They have a website, so if you google it, it will come up. They may be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction. 🙂


            Hey I just adopted my son out to a home similar to yours. The agency that the family used is Bethany Christian Services. We did an extremely open adoption like abnormally open so it’s exciting to see what God is doing in that aspect. They seriously just left today and they got here on the 15th while the baby actually came on the 20th. Good luck and keep us informed.

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