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      im 20 yrs old. i have a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old im really wanting to have another but im not sure how soon is too soon.i had my kids reallyclose together last time but they were both unplanned. she was concevied while on birth control. anyway i just wanna know what other ppl think.


        Hello Mommy of 2,
        Congratulations of being a mother of two babies!! I think it’s a wonderful calling to be a mother and you obviously have a natural desire to be one. I have had babies very close together, within 11 months of eachother, and then later on my husband and I had two more within 13 months apart. It is a busy life for a mother to be pregnant and nursing another baby on the way, but it can be done. I found that getting the support of my husband and close friends helped me through the most difficult times when we were raising a lot of little ones at one time. I’m not sure what your supportive family consists of or how they participate in your life and the life of your babies, but I feel a strong network of family, friends and community makes all the difference in the world in giving a mother the necessary love, support and confidence it takes to raise a family.

        many blessings,


          I think that waiting marriage is a very, very important role in this. It is always your decision, depending on your situation. Do you have a stable career? Partner? How will you take care of your other two kids?

          This is a big strain on older children to have another child come into the picture who needs your full devotion. It can cause a lot of jealousy and acting out. Think about this. How will you help them deal with the new baby?

          You will need to carefully plan out everything for this new baby. Make sure your money is in the right place and that your other two children are stable, themselves, and that you can get someone to help take care of them while you’re out for recovery.

          It’s A LOT of work and planning… but if you aren’t ready to those, then you don’t need another child.

          Best of luck to you! I hope you make your right decision.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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