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      I grew up in a house where my mother was the same breed as hitler ( she to this day laughs that we call her that) she said that if i ever came home at 16 pregnant she would strangle me. Well the truth is i was never in a situation where that could have happened unless it was an imaculate conception.

      To be honest im 27 years old and i married the first guy that i slept with, after being with him for 8 years and being married for only one I want to start having children but he is not really ready for it. He is somewhat older than I am and i fell it is time its probably past time.

      I need some advise as to what to do about the situation – I have been off the pill for 11 months he knows this and protection is used few and far between. Im not sure what to do anymore. I have an ovulation calender, I dont want to start putting holes in the condoms but i feel that forcing this to happen may be the only way that i will get my way.

      Hope someone can give me some useful advise as i cant speak with my family about this it would surely get back to him somehow.


        Hi there
        My name is Maylene, i’m 25 years old and i’m also married. I’ve been married for almost 8months now. I also want a baby, but my hubby is also not really ready. Though he is a bit younger than myself, he’ll only be 24 in October. So i kinda understand, and i do agree that we need to be a bit more stable before we have little bundles of joy, but my fear is also that my bilogical clock is ticking, and i’m affraid that when he is ready then we may stuggle to have a baby. something wrong is going to happen. You know what i mean?
        My mom had me when she was 17 so i’m kinda feeling old at my age now, lol.
        I dont want to be to old when we start our family. I want to be able to enjoy my kids.

        I know you wanted advice on what to do and i havent helped you in that way.
        But i thought to share my story with you so that you would know that you not alone 🙂 and i’ll be holding thumbs for you for a miricale to happen. I would say talk to your husband about how you feel. But I’ve tried with mine, but hey maybe if we carry on talking their ear off then they will give in, though my hubby tells me all the time that his mom had his sister when she was 29.

        So i guess the best thing for us to do is just pray. Nothing and no one can stand in Gods way, if he has plans for you, then there is nothing that will stop him.

        I hope this helped you a lil bit though. If you ever want to talk, you are more than welcome to email me 🙂

        Take care, and may love and peace be with you

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