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      [color=#800080]I found myself sitting in the doctors office, wanting to find out what was wrong with me. I was sick to my stomach, everybody else was talking about how i could be pregnant again, that cant be it, Cory and i were very careful, we never had sex without a condom. I never thought that at 17 i would have a child a be pregnant again. "Krystel", my name was called. This place was so cold, i didnt even really know why i had come, it was probably just a simple little cold. Why am i here, i kept asking myself. I should just go home, i shouldnt waste there time, i should just leave. I asked the doctor when i walked into the room, "would you be upset if i told you that i should leave, and that i am sorry for wasting your time." He looked at me and laughed, i didnt think it was funny, i honestly didnt know why i was here. He told me that i should tell him what my problem was and i told him that i am constantly sick and that i didnt feel good, he asked if i had missed my period and i told him that i wasnt sure if i had missed becuase i didnt have regular periods. He told me that he would like to take a pregnancy test. That was fine even though i thought that there was no way that i could have been pregnant. 17 freaking years old. I never thought about this before. I loved my life, my son was young. And i thought that i would wait until i was older and i was out of high school. so i peed in the cup. I was taking forever, i sat in a little room for about an hour, and i think that it was even longer than a hour. It sucked. FINALLY, the doctor comes in. He asks me, is there anybody with you today? I said no and i was sooo scared, i thought that maybe i had like AIDS or something. I told him "no, i didnt bring anybody" so he said that he wanted me to prepare myself, i was a little worried, who am i trying to fool, i was terrified. He looked at me and he grabbed my hand, then he goes, KONOR IS GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER OR SISTER! he was so excited about it. I started screaming!!! NOOOOOOO why does this have to happen to me? WHY? This is just wonderful. So walking out of the doctors office it was like i was on auto pilot. I got into my car and i drove out of the parking lot. I didnt know where i was going, i ended up at Cory’s work. I told Tom that i needed to talk to Cory and asked if he could go get him, Cory came sprinting out. He was freaked out, saying, "Krystel whats wrong, whats wrong Krystel," so i told him, " Cory, you are going to be a father," he fell to his knees How could this happen, what is going to happen now? Is Cory going to leave me? Great, i have no idea what is going to happen. I love Cory, I cant lose him.

      Time goes by, i am still with Cory, I am 20 weeks pregnant, and we are doing okay, a lot has happened in just this last month, but our love is strong enough for anything. I am having a little girl, and my son Konor couldnt be happier. I am so happy and i realized that, this is truly a blessing![/color]:laugh:


        Oh my goodness that must have been such a terrifying experience for you! I dont nkow how i would cope having another child after my son, still only being 16. How old is Konor?
        I am so so happy for you that your partner and you are happy, and i wish you all the best for you, your son, your bf and your soon to be born baby girl!
        Take care be strong and have fun 🙂 xxx


          i’m glad that everything is going good for you!

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