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      Hello, there are so many unsure teens needing advice that I decided it was easier to post my hope and message this way. I was 18 when I got pregnant w/ an abusive first love. I wasn’t strong enuf to leave for me but when I found out I was pregnant I was strong enuf for my unborn child. After getting over the "love" I decided that I was going to be strong enuf to acheive my goals and dreams for my child. When my daughter turned 7 months old I started my first semester of college. I felt out of place but was able to work into the college culture (have yet to go to a college party and was a partier when I found out I was pregnant, yes it’s possible to stop). It has been a long, poor road but I I will graduate in December from the top teaching program in my state to teach elementary students. It has not been easy, my family did not support me through my pregnancy, I was very depressed for the nine months but the moment I saw my daughters face, I was in love and determined to be the best mommy I could be. I have been through losing a brother last year and am still holding it together. There are a few things that you have to do, 1. decide to be strong. when you think you can’t be the best or acheive what you want, just tell yourself you can. 2. set high goals and take baby steps toward them. 3. should be number one, do not let men (BOYS) trip you up and hold u back, you dont need them if they arent going to be serious and help YOU. 4. Continue your education!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5. No drugs. I’m now preg. witgh baby number two and feel so accomplished. Don’t let others bring you down and tell you what you cant do. Find a support system!! There is hope and you can make it, your instincts will kick in and take care of the taking care of a baby stuff.

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