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      So the background: i had my period(much lighter than the previous two & lasted 4 days) started my pills, double up twice on accident. the day my period ended i started my pills (i had been off them for two weeks before my cycle started) and a few days later my bf and i became active (first time). Two weeks later i started my period again, it was barely lighter than the one before, but lasted 6 days (so probably bled the same amount)

      We weren’t very good with condoms (they were almost painful for me) but we did manage to use them on my most fertile days(totally coincidental)

      i am wondering if it would be okay to go ahead a test since i stopped bleeding and it lasted for 6 days which i think fits the criteria for a period as opposed to ‘abnormal’ bleeding (my previous period was 3/5-3/8 with minimal spotting on the 9th and this one started 3/21-3/27)

      i’m on microgestin 1/20 and when i started it the first time a similar thing happened. in the second week (like this time) i had breakthrough so i stopped for 5 days like the doc said. And looking at my cycle since jan i am pretty sure my period was just a early but i’m still nervous!

      my last four cycles have been off as well, 12/10, 1/19, 2/10, 3/5, 3/21 basically since jan i have had two weeks of not bleeding between each cycle basically 23 days or less between each one. :S


        I’m wondering if you’re not messing up your cycle taking bc pills as they can be very harmful to a woman’s normal cycle. It can become very difficult to make any true calculations while on bc pills since they’re designed to interfeer with what would naturally be very easy to figure out. I’m sorry, I’m no doctor so I would advise you that you should get a pregancy test done if you think there’s the slightest chance that you could be pregnant……before taking anymore pills. Since it’s been only 5 days since your last period (3/21-3/27) and was only 17 days after your last one stopped,(counting that 9th day of minimal bleeding) you may still have 10 more days or so before you have another bleeding. Whether it’s from your normal period or side effects from the pills being stopped and started…. you may want to wait and get a blood test done if you don’t get a period in that time frame. But, YOU SHOULDN’T KEEP TAKING YOUR PILLS OFF AND ON IF YOU THINK YOUR PREGNANT.

        I’m not sure if a pregnancy would be a welcomed blessing in your life without being in a committed marriage, but I will pray that if you are pregnant… and your boyfriend will be open to taking the responsibility for your choices. You may also take the time to discuss these things with him and think about maybe abstaining from sex until you have entered into marriage. There is no crime in waiting for one another….only the beauty of your patient love.

        I hope all is well and my prayers are with you.



          HI there,
          it really doesn’t sound like yr pregnant, but if it’ll put yr mind at ease take a test anyway.
          Good Luck,


            I’m sorry, I have to just add something….condoms are not a full proof method of preventing pregnancy. There are many occasions where women and young girls have become pregnant because they and their boyfriend put too much trust in them. The only form of birth control that offers 100% protection… ABSTINENCE.

            It’s not fair to promote birthcontrol options that have failed if the desire for the person seeking advice is trying to prevent pregnancy.

            I just had to clarify that.


              thanks im not as worried anymore, i still am going to take a test next weekend esp because i am 90% sure that i won’t have a period because of my pills. i think writing everything down helped more than anything. i have no symptoms at all its just worrying in my head and realizing that we need to be more careful!

              my bf and i are in a serious committed relationship and are mature enough to handle what life throws at us which is why we have waited in this relationship and abstained in past relationships. the timing would be inconvient since we are both still finishing our degrees, and still have goals that are easier met without babies.

              having worked with children/teens it is so important to promote birthcontrol along with the failure rates injunction with an abstinance program. You can’t tell kids to not have sex end of story. I know so many young girls who are or have gotten pregnant from not having options. Kids make mistakes they don’t think about the consequences we need to give our children strength to say no and feel empowered in themselves not make them feel forced to say no and in their rebellious angst make a hasty decision that has the potentional to haunt them for the rest of their lives (stds or for girls the empty feeling of being walked on)

              I do thank you for keeping me in your prayers i do believe that sex is meant to be shared between one man and one woman. i’ve found my one man. i just don’t think its fair to those girls who dont’ have the same believe system or support system to say we shouldn’t promote other options because they have a failure rate when used improperly. this is one ‘liberal’ issue that i am very adament about because there are so many levels involved. and yes i do wish that promoting abstinence kept children and teens from having sex until in a committed, real love, relationship as well as it does for preventing babies (if that makes sense outside of my mind)


                Thank you for stating your view on abstinence openly. It’s important that young girls hear that as being one of their options, because if they are educated into that way of thinking, it’s effects could eradicate abortion clinics worldwide. Planned Parenthood for example!! I see so many young girls in our community who are crying out for love and guidance, and are turning to their peers for those needs to be met. If you work with young teens, you are in a position to change their views on a lot of topics. Even if you reach only one girl…she will in turn, help someone who is also in need of guidance.

                Prayers for your work with youth, and for them to open their minds to a clearer understanding of their life and that of the unborn.


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