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      Well i had my normal period on the 5th of febuary… i saw my bf between 15-19 of feb.(the only days i had sex in feb) and i started having ugly gut feelings i might be preg. so i stopped smoking and drinking right away and on march 7 took a home pregnancy test it came out positive within a minute…i also took anotherone today on the 18th also positive..i am pretty sure i am preg. but what my question it possible to get an accurate reading that early? Because i was told if you go by conception date you only need to wait 2 weeks for an accurate reading. but i am just so confused because on almost everyweb site it says you need to be 4 weeks for it to be accurate. someone please help.


        With two positive tests I would say it is safe to say you are 100% pregnant… Congratulations to you for being thoughtful to stop drinking and smoking, that is hard to do sometimes…every woman and every pregnancy is different so some people like my sister can get a positive test two days after conception and people like me can get a positive test after several weeks, you just may be the type to show up early on tests…call this number, 1-800-395-HELP, it is a place called Optionline, they can give you a number and location of the closest pregnancy resource center to you where you can get your test confirmed and they can get you the resources you need to get on medical,WIC, and help you through the transition of being just you to being Mommy…we are all here for you on Standupgirl too and never forget that…talk to you soon and let us all know how things progress…Love Meg,


          I agree with Meg. Clear positive is a good indication. Obviously the hormones are high in your body.

          Congrats. what are your plans


            You only get false positives if you wait too long for the results to show up (like 15 or 20 min. after you’ve peed on the stick) – which you didn’t OR if you are on CERTAIN medications – which I’m also assuming you’re not. So congrats! You’re pregnant! Go to an obgyn for a checkup! Yay for you!


              Definately possible. I got positive 10 days after conecption.

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