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      I have taken two home pregnancy tests, and both said negative. About a week after my breasts started leaking so I went to the doctor and took a urine sample which also came back negative. I told the doctor all my symptoms and she strongly suggested I take a blood test. So I did but I won’t get the results until Monday. I’m very confused about all this. Should I trust the urine tests that say negative is my doctor right to be doubtful of this and that I really might be pregnant? If I really might be pregnant, then why are all the urine tests coming back negative?


        Sometimes, pregnancy can’t be detected by urine tests. Actually blood tests are more accurate.


          It sounds like you may be pregnant. A while back I was afraid I was pregnant and people told me a lot that urine tests aren’t always correct. Even the doctor urine tests don’t always work. If you want to find out sooner I would buy multiple different kinds of pregnancy tests and take them in the morning. That’s when they are most accurate. I hope everything works out okay for you 🙂 if you need someone to talk to you can talk to me too. I have gone through lots of scares. I’m going through one right now and I’m only 16 :/ oh well anyway, you can always talk to me if u need some one to talk to 😀


            Have you got the results of your blood test back yet? Urine tests are very accurate for most people, but sometimes the hormone HCG that they detect is too low to be picked up and a blood test will check what that level is. Have you had children before, if not and you are not pregnant, I would ask your dr about the leaking breast again. Its not normal for someone to leak having never been pregnant before to my knowledge. Also if you have had a kid before, it is unfortunately very common to leak during your period, or even ovulation… Not fun, but normal.

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