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      Well I did a home test with my boyfriend..positive.

      Next day i did another one just to be sure..also positive.

      Went to the local hospital a few days later with a close friend and organised to go and have a termination without telling my parents.

      They found out the next day ‘cos my mom snoops n found my paperwork. She went crazy. I wish she didn’t know but the only thing is now its all easier to deal with ‘cos I’m not lying ad snooping around.

      This is the only decision I have but I do wish I could keep my baby. I’m not getting on with my boyfriend atm, we got on really well when we jus found out he was really lovely but now were not ‘cos I’m "pushing him away". I feel we are going to split up.

      My friends tell me I’m better off without him and they’ve said that for the past year and a half..any suggestions ?



        Hello My name is Meagan….I was wondering if you have gone through with your decision yet??? If you have not then please reconsider…you can do this…being a mom is not the worst thing in the world in fact it is the best thing that could have happened to me…I was on a road to destruction in my life and my daughter saved my life…her dad wanted me to get an abortion but thankfully I chose not to….if you are afraid of doing the mommy thing on your own please know that there are so many resources out there for single moms….they will help you with grants to finish school if that is the direction you choose and there are many single moms who stay home and do child care for their source of income…if your family doesn’t support you and wants you to kill your baby they can’t force you to do it either…there is so much help out there…there are maternity homes where you can stay up till the baby is a year old….and if nothing else you can choose open adoption….someone out there would love your baby as their own….someone out there cannot have their own children….your baby could be the answer to that families prayer….just please reconsider this….chose life for your baby….your mom did for you…..last but not least I was a single mom for 4 1/2 years and for two of those years I was a mom of 2…I felt like I would never find a nice guy who would want me and 2 kids…I was wrong…I have been married for close to 7 months now….having a baby may bring more responsibilities but they grow up and move out and you wish that they were still with you…but….an abortion stops a beating heart and the memory will be with you always along with the what ifs….I am praying for you and I hope that you educate yourself before making any solid choices….Love Meg

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