update on my sister

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      its GangY’s brother here, i have a update for you:

      the girls were born today, Feb. 5th 2009. they are 19 weeks early.

      Angelina was born at 19:45 and Jana Ina at 20:05.
      Angelina weights 500 grams, and is 34 cm long
      Jana Ina weights 470 gram,and is 32 cm long.

      they were voth born with a heartbeat so they brought them to the NICU immediatley.
      my mom is at the hospital, i dont know anything new bout the girls, but we hope that they will make it. the chances arent big but we are all praying, the best doctors are fighting for them.

      please pray


        Thank You so much for coming on here to let us all know how to pray…that is exactly what I will do and I will spread the word to others I know as well to lift her and the babies up….Only God knows what will come of this and you need to know and also remind your sister that His will will be done, we do not understand why things happen all the time and God does allow us to go through tragedy sometimes so no matter the outcome of this just cling to Him and willingly accept His plans…as hard as it is may be….Tell your sister we love her and are praying….Love Meg


          I hope they are okay my prayers are with you best of luck!!!


            Yes. I will pray for her life

            God blesses




              Thank you for updating us! I’m praying for the babies!


                mee too!


                  I’m praying that they will make it. Thank you for updating us. Best of luck! Whatever happens is God’s wishes and the best decision possible.


                    Hey!! Any new updates? How are the lil girls? How’s GangY ?

                    best wishes

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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