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      She’s back. Pulled her out after my mother went into custody grab mode. I hate all the uncertainty. Her father is now saying he may not sign when the time comes so i have some debating to do. Grr… It was hard enough to do what i did without people making it harder.


        I’m sorry that this isn’t going smoothly for you. I hope that everyone involved will stop letting their emotions get the best of them and let you do what you feel is best for your daughter.


          huni, im sorry for all this it must be real hard on u!!!
          Di u miss her any? x


            Is baby involved with the ministry or what’s the story? That can be a tricky situation! I’ve heard a bit of your story, you’re putting bubs up for adoption am I right? Things are going smoothly? I’m sorry, I feel silly commenting here when I don’t know much of the story I just wanted to offer my support to you and I hope that it works out for you,
            GOOD LUCK and talk to me anytime you need to,
            lots of love


              i sort of believe things happen for a reason. Maybe you are meant to keep her??
              How is everything going now?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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